Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #6 - My 'Non' Goals for my first Half Marathon!

Hey guys! You know I love this Thinking Out Loud link-up (and Amanda for hosting it - hey hey girl!!)

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but I'm glad I haven't had the time to sit and organize my thoughts waited!  It sounds cliche but I have learned a lot about myself in the last 6-8 weeks.  Training for a half marathon (or anything really!) requires dedication, time, commitment, help, fuel, good weather, body glide, a water belt and much more!  

But in all seriousness, this training is as much mental for me as it is physical!

I am ALWAYS hearing about goals that friends on FB or Twitter make for upcoming races - and I get it!  I won't lie and say that with each 5k that I run I don't try to beat my old time....because I totally do!  But this half marathon (aka 13.1 MILES!!!) is putting a whole new perspective on "race goals" for me!


1.  Finish in under XX:XX.

My "goal" for this half marathon is actually very's to JUST FINISH!
I don't have to do a 9, 10, 11 minute mile....I don't have to do it under 2 hours...
I just want to physically cross the finish line after completing 13.1 miles!
That's all!

2.  Run the entire way.

I can already tell you tha thist ish is NOT happening, nor do I want it to!
Mentally, and physically!, I cannot run for 2+ hours straight...I just can't!
I have been doing an interval method while running - 
sometimes 4-5 minutes of running, then 1 minute of walking - 
sometimes 9 minutes of running, then 1 minute of walking - 
just depends on my mood, how I'm feeling, how my legs are feeling....
and it's been working!!  I think it rejuvenates me a little!
So that's the plan!

3.  Not cry.

Um, hello?!? Anyone that knows me in real life is totally LOLing right now!  
Even if I WANTED to make this a goal, which obviously I don't!, it could NEVER happen!  
I'm a crier, like a big one! I cry when I'm happy or sad, when I'm overly emotional 
or when I'm watching The Notebook....the list is endless!!  All the women in my 
family have this trait, it's inherited!  I will cry, probably at the start, maybe in the middle
and DEFINITELY at the end!! Especially when I see my family - water works for sure!!

4.  To sign up for my next race (maybe even a full!) before this race even happens.

Hi, I'm Sammy and you're hearing it from the horse's mouth....
It's not on my bucket list, it's not something I think I can do and it's not something 
that I WANT to do!  This race will be more than enough to fill whatever void I obviously have!
And let's even hold off on doing another half for a long, long while.....
let's just see what happens with this one, mmmmkay??

5.  To not have to pee (or something worse!) during the race.

I will go whenever, wherever, however I have to! Desperate times, people!
{{if it could be avoided though I wouldn't be disappointed! lol}}
That's all!

What are some of you 'NON' goals for an upcoming race(s)??

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Monday, October 13, 2014

#FashionRocks at Macy's!

DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own!

Hey hey hey!!! I am, as you know, knee deep in (1) half marathon training and (2) studying for my NASM personal trainer certification exam - among mothering, social media marketing, blogging, living, loving, get my drift!  This leaves very little room in the "miscellaneous/fun/dress-up" department these days.  

But I have exciting news!!!

It's time for me to get all dolled up and put my fancy shoes on because next week I am going to a Fall Fashion Show at Macy's!!!!  Little old me....attending a runway show - pretty cool, huh?

Are you jealous? DON'T BE!!  Because you TOO can go to a #FashionRocks Show at a Macy's near you!  Check out this link (which is the online press release) for all of the upcoming events,, and hopefully there is one in your area, too!

At each runway event (they're going on all across the country!) there will be music, treats and a shopping party after the actual fashion show where you can get a sneak peak at the newest fashion trends!!  Fun, fun!!

And get this - if you make a purchase of $75 or more during the event you will get a special gift, while supplies last of course!

Stay tuned to my social media accounts (see below!!) on Tuesday, October 22 because I'll be posting pics from the event!!!

If you think that #FashionRocks and want to get in on the action, find a Fall Fashion Show at a Macy's in your neck of the woods!!  Have fun my little fashionistas!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spartan Race WINNER, Recent Runs & the 2014 KJIFF in #SoFL {Let's Rebound!}

Hi everybody!! 

So much to say today!  
Let's get right to it because I know everyone is on pins & needles waiting for me to announce it!



Email me at to redeem your prize! :)

Again thank you to every one that entered!  I love a giveaway - I love it even more when all of you get so excited about it!!  And don't be discouraged if you didn't win, because I have a coupon code for you to save 10% off your next race entry!! 

Sign up now - form a team - conquer it together - challenge yourself - 
do something CRAZY!

So, keeping with the fit/active theme, I want to fill you in on my recent runs! 

I am NECK deep in half marathon training!  It puts a lump in my throat when I tell you the BIG DAY is 4 weeks from Sunday! It excited me, don't get me wrong, and I want to get it over with (ASAP! lol), but the fact that it's just approaching so fast is overwhelming! 

I'm running a half marathon!  
{Me?? What??}

Here's what I've been up to:

Monday 9/22 - rest
Tuesday 9/23 - 3 mile run
Wednesday 9/24 - rest 
Thursday 9/25 - 6 mile run
Friday 9/26 - rest
Saturday 9/27 - JUMP Class with Kangoo Jump Rebound Shoes (see below for details!)
Sunday 9/28 - 9 mile run

(I accidentally stopped my Garmin for 0.5 mile during my annoying!)
Monday 9/29 - rest
Tuesday 9/30 - 3.1 mile run
Wednesday 10/1 - 5 mile treadmill run
Thursday 10/2 - rest
Friday 10/3 - 10 mile run
Saturday 10/4 - rest 
Sunday 10/5 - rest

I did 18 miles each week which is 3 miles more than the previous couple of weeks.  My legs felt good and I'm just trying to get into my groove with my water belt and fuel/Gatorade/water during my runs.  (The chewable fuel makes me nauseous!) I bought a pair of compression socks and used them for the first time today....not sure if they made things feel better but I'll keep wearing them and see what happens!!

As you can see I didn't get much in other than my runs during these 2 weeks.  I (sadly!) paused my Orange Theory membership until after the half because there was too much pressure to be everywhere!  I miss it but will pick up right where I left off in about a month!  

The only non-running activity that I managed to get in was unusual and different but very exciting.....

So finally a recap of the jumpy fun workout that I did last month with the rebound shoes.....

I was invited by my new friend Lauren {Hiiii Lauren!!} to attend a complimentary class with some fellow bloggers, to learn about the Rebound Shoes and find out all the details about the Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival - which will take place in the United States for the first time this Sunday, October 12 in Fort Lauderdale!!

Have you ever seen this shoes? They're called Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes and they offer up a BIG workout in a small package!  We did front kicks, side kicks, jumping jacks, squats, high knees - basically a lot of the movements that I would do in one of my usual workouts, but with the added intensity!  I was definitely sweating - and panting!  All of that bouncing really bumps up the cardio aspect of the workout!

Wanna hear something interesting? Rebound shoes protect your joints by reducing the impact of athletic activity up to 80%!  WOW! And they're so versatile because you can wear them and jump around ANYWHERE! or almost anywhere! ;)

They were easier to balance on then I imagined and were pretty comfortable.  They're great for a "run" around the neighborhood or a group class like this one!  Check out Polestars in Hollywood, Florida if you're in the area - they call this class JUMP!! - Susana is beautiful and in amazing shape (mostly from teaching her JUMP classes!)....and a total beast on these things!! It's very motivating!

And if you're local (in the South Florida area) you should DEFINITELY check out the KJ International Fitness Festival THIS SUNDAY, October 12, in Fort Lauderdale! ((Don't worry if you don't have rebound can rent them at the festival!))  

There will be Kangoo classes (like Dance, Power & Boot Camp) taught by instructors from all over the world!!!  There will be some shows to watch too!  The weather should be gorgeous so check it out if you can!

Hope everyone's having a great week!! :)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Check me out on Miles To Go!

I'm writing probably the quickest post I've EVER written!  

I should be sitting down to fill you in on my recent runs (I'm up to 10 miles!), the amazing Ultimate Mom's Night Out that I attended last month or the very cool Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival that's happening this weekend...but that will all have to wait until this lady has a TAD more time!

I'm only here to:

(1) REMIND you that my Spartan Race giveaway ends tonight at midnight EDT!!! 

ENTER ENTER ENTER for a chance to win a FREE entry to any Spartan Race in the continental US! (up to $145 value!!)

(2) SEND you over to my friend Kelly's blog, Miles To Go!  

She is awesome and publishes all kinds of inspirational and uplifting posts - and she featured YOURS TRULY in today's inspirational post...go check it out! {It's funny to hear that my story is inspirational...but if 1 person reads it and gains something from it...that would be enough for me!}

I'll be back tomorrow with THE BIG WINNER & more!!!!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #5:...And That's OK!

Hi Thursday....where the heck did you come from??

((Before I start Thinking Out Loud....did you see my giveaway for a Spartan Race entry? Amazing!! Have you entered yet? YOU SHOULD!!!))

Today I'm linking up for my 5th Edition of #ThinkingOutLoud with Amanda! {Hey girl!!} I say it every week but I love this link up!! :)

So I originally published a post "...And That's OK!" last year, when we (probably) weren't friends yet!

It was short and sweet...but powerful!! Especially if you're in a funk/plateau/bad mood/having "one of those days"/etc.  

This post seems pretty deep, but when I first wrote it last year I wasn't in any of those places....I just wanted to remind myself that "my" best is my best! Does that make sense??  

We shouldn't CONSTANTLY compare ourselves to anyone else - they are them....and you are you!  Simple concept yet not always so easy to follow.  
There will always be someone richer, or taller, or smarter, or cuter (never! ;))...and that's OK! 
Or stronger, or faster, or bigger, or smaller
....and that's OK!
Or happier, or healthier, or thinner, or more muscular
...and that's OK!
Who can do more reps easier, with a heavier weight, in a shorter amount of time
This is something that I've been thinking about so I just wanted to throw it out there.  
We are so quick to compliment our friends, yet we are so hard on ourselves - focusing on all the things we can't do or don't have or that someone else has that's better - we forget to congratulate ourselves for all that we do have and can do! 
Take some time to applaud yourself today....because you may not be (fill in the blank)
...and that's OK!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's "Halloween Month" - Let's Do A Spartan Race Giveaway To Celebrate!!!

Happy Hump Day people!!!

I'm diving right into today's post because "these are a few of my favorite things....."

It's October, which I'm now happily referring to as Halloween Month!  

My kids have already picked out their costumes (and they've been purchased!), we have the date for our friends' annual adult-only Halloween party (something we look forward to all year long's the best time ever!), I've already made 2 batches of Halloween cookies and my house may have a few 3 opened bags of Halloween candy!  

I just can't help myself!!  This weekend we'll decorate the house and then my husband and I have to figure out our costumes for the big par-tay...any ideas?? (The last couple of years were pretty good - these were our costumes in 2012 and 2013!)

You will be hearing A LOT about Halloween because My Name is Sammy and I Love Halloween! {{duh!}}

OK, so now that I've said Halloween 100x in this post....

I have a BIG giveaway for you today!  

Let me say this even louder because it's THAT big....

I have an.....
giveaway for you today!!

My friends at Spartan Race are THE BEST!  They were generous enough to not only give me a free Spartan Race entry...but they gave me ANOTHER entry to giveaway to one lucky reader!!  

It could be you!!

I was fortunate enough to do a similar giveaway almost a year ago.  I had signed up for my first Spartan Race, not having a clue what to expect, but knowing that I was stepping LIGHTYEARS away from my comfort zone!  It was the best yet scariest feeling at the starting line of my first race this past April.

But once I started, I was on the biggest high EVER!!  It was just such an awesome race (check out my recap!), a wonderful community of athletes/racers helping each other and a ton of challenging obstacles - oh was it a challenge!!

I loved it so much I'm planning to sign up for the Miami race in early 2015!!

You know that health and fitness are a huge part of my life, that's no surprise! But even if this seems SO far out of your comfort zone, see this as a sign to take the plunge, enter the giveaway and sign up for a race! You WILL NOT regret it!

Like I told my friend Dan at Spartan....Completing my first Spartan Race changed my life! It sounds dramatic but it's true.  I'm stronger that I thought (mentally and physically!), I'm tougher than I thought (mentally and physically!) and I can't wait to challenge myself again next year!!

So head over to Spartan Race, find the race that you'd like to participate in and...

Enter the giveaway for your chance to WIN!!!
{NOTE: The free entry is for any open heat in any 
Spartan Race in the continental U.S.}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, if for some reason you don't win the free entry....have no fear! 

Use the coupon code: SPARTANBLOGGER 
to save 10% off of your entry!!!

Good luck to everyone! AROO!!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lorna Jane #ActiveNationDay - Sunday, September 28, 2014

DISCLAIMER: I am a Sweat Pink ambassador.  I was given an #MNBbracelet as part of a partnership between Fit Approach & Lorna Jane to promote #ActiveNationDay.

I was super excited when I got picked to promote Lorna Jane's #ActiveNationDay!!! This campaign is RIGHT up my alley and I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

I was sent an #MNBbracelet as part of this promotion and, even though it has yet to arrive, I will sport that baby daily!  It will remind me of the wonderful community of women that are staying active and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle - one day at a time!  We can empower and inspire each other since we're on this journey together!

What is Active Nation Day??
Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the amazing activewear clothing line Lorna Jane, first started Active Nation Day in 2012 because of her desire to inspire women to be active!  It's a day to celebrate a healthy lifestyle and it keeps fitness fun and engaging - something you can carry on the whole year through (or so Lorna hopes you will!)!! What a wonderful concept, right?!

How do I get involved??
There are special events taking place all around the world this Sunday, September 28th!  Head over to to find one near you! At this event you can participate in a 45-minute MOVE class which has elements of aerobics, body strength and yoga - a total body workout!

Can't make it to an event or there isn't one in your area?
That stinks - but it's TOTALLY OK!  You can do one or both of the following to still be involved in #ActiveNationDay:

  • Take part in the #LJMove competition!  {This you're going to want to hear about!!}  Lorna developed the #LJMove to inspire every woman, everywhere, to be active every day! Check out this video to learn how to do the #LJMove - then upload a picture or video of YOURSELF doing it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget to hashtag #LJMove AND #ActiveNationDay, and tag a sporty sister to inspire them to enter the competition too!
    • ONE lucky winner will receive a $1000 Lorna Jane gift card!! Oh yea :)
What do I do to stay active after Active Nation Day is over??
Lorna believes, and so do I, that you should be active EVERY DAY!  Use the Lorna Jane app to stay motivated and track your workouts!  Join the community and sisterhood that IS Lorna Jane!

Remember: All of the information for Active Nation Day - including info about #ActiveNationDay events, the Lorna Jane app and #LJMove - can be found at!

What helps you stay active & inspired??
Be honest, are you planning to practice the #LJMove in front of your mirror now or what??? ;)

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