Friday, August 22, 2014

New Workout & a Tease....

It's a busy Friday around here - I'm really just popping in to share a new workout with you!  And after writing the recaps from our trip (Part 1 & Part 2) I'm just about out of energy - for the week that is!  I'll be back Monday with a very exciting GIVEAWAY so stay tuned!!  I'll give you a clue: you wear it on your head! :)

So anyway, yesterday I wanted to do a HIIT workout.  It's been a while since I did a short, intense workout in the house.  Since there was no time for a run I did a quick, in-house workout while my little one was napping.  I developed it right before I did it and it was a GREAT workout!

I did 3 rounds in total for a 15 minute workout!  I only took a few minutes of rest between rounds.  I was exhausted and my quads were feeling it!  

I hadn't made up a new workout for months so that part of it felt good too...and it reminded me that I NEEEEEED to find the time to study! My NASM CPT exam is only a couple of months away and I am not even halfway through the textbook!  {{insert: very very sad face}}

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! See you back here Monday morning for the giveaway!

{Side note: I actually got in a run this morning with my girlfriend! - I guess you could say we're in full "half marathon training" mode - although this 4.5 was VERY early and EVERY exhausting....Aaaaahhhh!}}

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Highlights From Our Family Trip to Upstate New York! {Part 2}

Hey!  So it's Thursday.....whaaaat?  This was the first week of school here - which I totally forgot to mention! - and I can't believe this week is flying by so fast! The kids are doing great and loving school (although the teacher is figuring out what I already know - my 2 year old doesn't listen...hmmph!)...but honestly, at 2 and 4 what's NOT to love?

Did you see {Part 1} of our trip...check it out here if you missed it!

Tuesday (continued!)
  • After a nice shower (that was a very sweaty 5 miles!), we headed to hibachi!  That's one thing about this family...we love hibachi - and the pink sauce!  Love! ;)
    • I shared a chicken hibachi dinner with my FIL and I'm SO glad I did! The "old me" would've eaten until explosion because, well, it tastes so darn good! But that is such a terrible feeling to have - eating until you feel content is a much better idea!  It's not like we're bears saving up for the don't HAVE to leave a dinner like that feeling sick!
  • We ALWAYS make it a point to go to this awesome Farm Dairy in town for ice cream at least once every visit!  They have fresh milk, eggs and cream and they make dozens of fresh, straight-from-the-cow, creamily-delicious ice's amazing!  
    • It's such a happy place and it's always packed!  And they have the fattest cat ever - check him (I think it's a him!? lol) out!  He's so sweet...and full! lol
  • Then, after the kids went to bed, my hubby and I went BACK to Wegmans!!  There were a few things that my MIL needed and I love a good excuse to browse around that store!  Have you ever seen "witch fingers"? They were next to the grapes.  It was a first for me!

  • We spent the morning at a conservatory, full of all different kinds of plants and trees.  I know how that sounds....boooooring! But it was actually very interesting and the kids had fun! There was a great park across the street where we played for a while.  I did the monkey bars a few times :)
  • After lunch we went to the gym again!  Tuesday and Wednesday we went during nap time so it's not like we were missing much at home.  My husband and I made a pact that even when we're away or on a trip we want to keep up the activity level - we both enjoy it and it's just part of our "routine".  You just have to be more efficient when you're away.
  • So, back to the gym....I wanted to do a little running and head back into "the room".
  • I did a speedy 5k and then some fun stuff in "the room"
    • 3 sets of 10 rope waves (those are EXHAUSTING and fun!)
    • 3 sets of 10 box jumps on a 30 inch box!
    • 3 sets of 10 kettle bell swings with a 20lb kb
    • 4 ROPE CLIMBS! (I'm not going to post the video again...but I will link to it!) ;)
  • We finished the day with a family dinner....and then left for the airport first thing Thursday morning :(
Oh, one more thing.  So we were delayed at JFK for an additional hour - with 2 kids = not fun!  We were walking around and found Baked by Melissa - bite-size cupcakes!!! Brilliant, right?? They had dozens of flavors! There logo was so colorful and the baked goods looked so yummy and couldn't help but be happy in there!  They ship all over the US I think - what a cute gift idea for someone! #cutelittlehands reaching for #cutelittlecupcakes!

Are you a "cupcake person"?  [I am when I look at that chocolate chip pancake on the bottom right there! OMG - they were so good!]

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

QALO ring coupon code! #yourewelcome

You know who much I love my QALO's an affordable, functional and fun wedding band that I wear ALL.THE.TIME now...not just when working out!!  It's the perfect, gift for the active man or woman in your life.....or gift it to yourself! You deserve it!


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Stay tuned...giveaway coming soon!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Highlights From Our Family Trip to Upstate New York! {Part 1}

hightlights from our trip to upstate new york part 1

We had a great trip with the kids visiting family in New York!  The weather was cooler, the scenery is hilly-er and the people are totally chill-er!  It's a nice change to the crazy, hot, fast-paced life that is our everyday!  

I'm going to do the recap in bullet point form (and in 2 parts) because, well, I'm tired and it's easy easier!

  • We stumbled out of bed, still drunk I think, and got last minute things done before we left for the airport.  The 2 Advil before bed and 2 Advil the second I woke up really did the trick, I think!  And thank goodness for that! Traveling with 2 kids on a 3 hour plane ride while sick and hungover would've been a nightmare.  But Saturday night's Surprise 80's Bash was worth it - whatever the consequences!
  • We had some delicious pizza at the airport before our flight! (Veggies make it healthy, right?)
delicious veggie pizza in the airport before our flight
  • The flight was on time, the kids were well behaved and about 20 lollipops were consumed!  We had a successful flight!
    • Side note: don't you just LOVE how kids wait until the worst times to go to the bathroom!? I asked my older son 10x if he had to go (you know, like really go!) while we were in the forward to 1 1/2 hours into our flight and guess who's ready to go now...terrible timing and so gross!
  • I totally did a #wycwyc with my run(s) today.  First, I did 2.5 miles outside with my hubby which was wonderful - check out this view!!
running outside 4 miles in upstate new york.  great weather and scenery.
  • Then we took the boys to the park, where I did another 1.5 miles by myself.  So 4 miles total!  I'll take it! :)
#wycwyc garmin 1.5 miles and 2.5 miles. 4 mile run
  • We ALWAYS go to Wegman's while we're there - this trip we went multiple (3!) times!  It's the best place Disney World, sort of but not really.  They have an entire area of pre-made, ready-to-eat foods, anything and everything you could ever we had lunch there (sushi for me!)!  My husband's favorite spot was the beer section, mine has always been the pick-and-mix!  There are at least 100 different snack and treats and I totally stock up!  I'm like a chocolate hoarder!
Wegmans. pick and mix. chocolate. plaid shirt. selfie.
  • We went to a pizza party at my sister-in-law's house for dinner which was great fun - our kids have a blast together.  {And yes I'm wearing that shirt, again!}  My boss and his family were there too! (Did I tell you that I'm working as a social media account manager at a boutique marketing firm?! I'll have to fill you in more later...but while I'm on the subject - anyone need my services?) ;)
  • We took the kids to a museum.  It's a pretty famous children's museum geared towards kids exactly my kids' ages!  It was awesome!
  • Then my husband and I went to the gym.  Even though it was rainy out I knew I had to get some mileage in!  The treadmills were pretty advanced.  You could watch live TV, On Demand or even search the internet!  5 miles later....
  • While walking around (since it was our first time at that gym) we spotted, "The Room,"  which is a converted racquetball court. and IT.WAS.AH.MAZE.ING!  A crossfitters dream!  We played around in there a bit before we left! NOTE TO SELF: That is a great idea!!!!
  • I FLIPPED THAT HUGE-MONGOUS TIRE!!!  I only did it once but that was enough - it was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY heavy!
5 mile treadmill run. crossfit room. i flipped a tire.

I'm going to stop here for now - I'll keep you hanging and finish later this week!  
Spoiler alert coming in Part 2: if you haven't heard...I climbed a rope! ;)

Ohhh, and look what arrived when we got home....

QALO ring shirt, QALO ring giveaway. on the blog

Stay tuned...giveaway coming soon!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!  Talk soon!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Things That Made Me Smile :)

Hi!!  Monday...Monday.....

So today's the first day of school!  Very exciting!!  Both boys are there and I have a to-do list 100 items long....let's see what I can get done here!  I'm repeating "efficiency....time management.....organization...." to myself in hopes that I don't get side-tracked with laundry, emptying the dishwasher, paying bills....ugh, see! I'm already off the path! :)

Anyway, speaking of a list, here are some things that I wanted to fill you in on this week.  I'm still working on a pretty long upstate New York recap which (I hope!) will be coming to you at some point this week!  And, as I teased on social media, there's a QALO Ring giveaway coming soon!!!

Without further ado....Here are 5 Things That Made Me Smile :)

1.  A stranger complimented these guns!

I was checking out at the doctor's office last week and scheduling my next appointment when, in the middle of everything, the receptionist looks up and says, "You have great arms, you must workout a lot!"  Holy compliment, right?!  My first instinct is always to shy away and make an excuse - oh it's the lighting, or the shirt I'm wearing, or you're just blind ;) But my close girlfriend (Hi Amy! xo) taught me start TAKING THE COMPLIMENT!!  So that's what I did!  I filled her in on the workouts that I do - yes, in fact I do workout often! - and all about the blog.  And I'm not gonna lie, it made me feel really good!

2.  My kids were AWESOME on the 3 flights that we took last week.

If you have kids you know that traveling in general is a challenge....I do think the older they get the easier it gets, but there is no relaxing with a book or watching a movie for me and my husband at this point.  My 2 and 4 1/2 year old need entertainment - and they're used to running around!  And we're trapped on this plane for how many hours??  I brought crayons and coloring books, tons of lollipops and snacks and the iPads.  Imagine my surprise when there was NO Wi-Fi offered on 2 of the 3 flights!!! And the 1 flight that had Wi-Fi...that I spent $8 on....ended up not working!  NOTE TO SELF: bring the portable DVD player next time!  But even so, my kids were well behaved, weren't bothered by the change in pressure, the take off or landing and didn't run up and down the aisles like lunatics - great success!

3.  Speaking of flying, I got a "You look like Jessica Biel" comment at the airport!

I gave the man at the gate my ID to check us in and he said, "Do you know who Jessica Biel is?"  Ugh, of course I know who she is, Sir!  And thank you!  To be honest I don't really see it, but I'll take it!  As if I need to even explain why this made me smile?!?! I get this every so often and I love hearing it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! :)

4. Did you hear I climbed a rope??


I know, I've heard! But until something even better comes around I am going to milk this one for all its worth!  I watch it over and over - and I'm hoping for my next climb that the rope is longer and has knots in it!!

5.  Mystery Girls on ABC Family is my new 'must-see TV'!

The original 90210 will always be one of my seeing Donna & Kelly Tori & Jennie together on TV again makes me just does!  The show is cheesy but very funny! Their comedy timing is on point and I do laugh-out-loud when I watch it.  I happen to love all things ABC Family!

Hope everyone has a great day!
Tell me something that made YOU smile!!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Things About Me - I Got "The Very Inspiring Blogger" Award!

I love awards! And I'm not talking the ridiculous "certificate of participation" awards - are those ridic or what?...I'm talking the "I won, I won, I'm the winner!" type of awards!! :)

So last week when I saw that my fellow #SweatPink-er Esther nominated ME for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I was giddy!  I am so happy that my little section of the blogosphere was noticed - thanks again Esther!!! We are kindred spirits since you're so into fitness, just like me...and chocolate is my world, too! 

The Rules:

  • Thank & link to the person who nominated you.
  • List the rules & display the award!
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs that you enjoy, then let them know that you have nominated them!!


1. The only other countries I have visited outside of the US are Canada (a 1 day trip) and the Dominican Republic (my best friend's wedding).  As close as I could be while still being outside the borders lol.  I would love to day!

2. There was a time where I monitored how much water I was drinking each day!  While I was in "super Type-A, weight watcher" mode I not only counted my points, I made sure that I was drinking AT LEAST 64 oz (8 - 8oz cups) of water each day!  I was refilling my water bottle therefore in the bathroom every 5 minutes!  I'm surprised I didn't float away! 

3. I hate cleaning out my closet.  I'm not a hoarder and I like organization, but the thought of cleaning out my drawers or closet makes me grumble.  I may have stuff in there from college....10 years ago....just sayin'!
OMG....if only!
4. I am doing my first half marathon in November.  I committed, I blogged about it, so now it's real!  I'm anxious and nervous and excited because I've never done anything like this before. (I've run a Spartan Race, a Down & Dirty mud run, a 5-mile race and numerous 5ks....but never 13.1 miles!!!!!)

5. I LIVE for the pink "seafood" sauce at hibachi restaurants.  There's a specific restaurant by us that has the best sauce ever - but I can't convince the chef to give me the recipe! lol  I could literally drink it!  I totally judge a Japanese restaurant by how good their pink sauce at the hibachi table is - that's normal, right?

6. I climbed a (small in size but big in meaning!) rope this week!  It was really my first time trying it and I did it 3 or 4 times!  And I can't believe it!!


7. I played tennis when I was younger.  It was really the only sport that I ever formally played and I was on the varsity team for most of high school.  For years I took a private lesson every Saturday morning - and even though I really enjoyed it I always sort of hoped it would be raining so I could just stay in bed ;)

Because I find you so inspiring and awesome, I NOMINATE:
(1) Becky! (Olives'n Wine)
(2) Melissa! (The Eyes of a Boy)
(3) Michelle! (Modern Boca Mom)
(4) Tiff! (Love, Sweat, Beers)
(5) Kelsey! (The Primal Yogi)

Head over to my girls and show them some love!! :)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Throw an Awesome 80's Bash!!

What to eat drink and wear to have an awesome 80s bash
Hi everyone!

I'm reporting live from upstate New York this week!  I will have a full recap of our trip, including my workouts (got in a great run yesterday!) and other fun stuff we did with family while we are here!

While writing today's post there is a huge smile on my face!  We had a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours this weekend (hi Cari!) and it was AH-MAY-ZING!  The surprise was a success and the party that followed did not disappoint!  Who doesn't love a house party - seriously!  And yes we're in our 30's!  No kids, lots of food and LOTS of drink, a DJ, a was a blast!

It was an 80's theme, which thrilled me because I already had most of my outfit....does Halloween 2013 ring a bell....

Halloween costumes 2013. Awesome 80s rocker gal and a nerd!

My husband on the other hand had a lot of thinking to do!  Regardless, here are some of my tips on:
  • Tip #1: Dress the part.  If there's a theme (which there obviously is because we're talking about an 80's-themed party!), go hard!  A party is way more fun when you're "in costume".  There were an array of costumes at the party: Miami Vice, Kris Kross, typical 80's rocker (leg warmers, neon colors, extra blue eyeshadow - that was me!), and an 80's baseball card store owner, including a fanny pack (guess who that was!)
What to wear to throw an awesome 80s bash

garbage pail kids, fanny pack, 80s themed party
  • Tip #2: Over-decorate.  Same idea as with Tip #1.  It's festive and fun - and the neon colors make EVERYONE happy!!
neon colors, decorate to throw an awesome 80s bash
  • Tip #3: Have a DJ!  I was in such a drunken stooper having such a great time dancing I totally forgot to take a picture of the awesome DJ that we had!  He did play a ton of throwbacks, some awesome Bar Mitzvah favorites (electric slide, anyone?) and some current stuff.  We danced the night away, literally!!
  • Tip #4: Invite fun friends.  Obviously all of your friends are fun because, well, they're your friends!! But you need a party crowd for a fun night.  We're not having a stuffy cocktail party!  I'm talking party people that drink and dance and let loose.  This isn't the 7th grade dance...we need bumping and grinding and inappropriateness all over that dance floor! ;)
how to have a great time with good friends at an awesome 80s bash
  • Tip #5: Have an abundance of finger foods.  Things that people can walk by, grab and eat - no plate or utensils necessary!  A party is all about grazing!  And speaking of food, throw is some awesome 80s candy (Party City has a ton!) - ours included Pixie Sticks and Nerds!

What kind of food and snacks do you need for an awesome 80s bash?

  • Tip #6: Have alcohol in all forms!  Literally! And you can never have too much - trust me!  When us parents let loose without our kids it's a darn good time!!  We had jello-shots (made by yours truly - and they were a huge hit!), hunch punch (made by Amy...hi Amy!...another hit!) and plenty of alcohol and mixers to concoct til your heart's content!
I made awesome jello shots for our awesome 80s bash!

It's all about hunch punch for an awesome 80s bash!

Have you ever thrown an 80's-themed bash??
Do you like surprise parties??

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