Sunday, August 25, 2013

The BEST YouTube channels for at home workouts!

Since giving birth to my first son almost 4 years ago, I have done most (if not all!) of my workouts at home. I took walks outside and did some spinning classes, but I quickly realized that the channels that I followed on YouTube combined cardio, strength, stretching...the workouts that I was doing combined all of the aspects of a balanced exercise routine.  They were all that I needed to lose weight and tone my body.  I have a pair of 4 lb dumbbells, a pair of 7 lb dumbbells and a 15 lb dumbbell.  These weights are more than's nice to have some  different sizes of weights at home to challenge your muscles and add intensity to any workout.  

This is a list of the YouTube channels that I follow and visit daily to find my workout of the day!  These trainers are knowledgeable, motivating, in great shape, exciting to watch and they upload full-length, real-time actual workouts!  I didn't realize how many people simply post their workout breakdown and maybe an example of how to do each exercise. Especially when I was starting out, I really needed to watch a workout video where I could follow along.  I was unsure of movements and needed the words of encouragement from the trainers during the workouts.  Together, these 3 channels provide almost 1,000 workouts that are completely FREE!!  Be sure to check 'em out!

Coach Kozak is a personal trainer that believes that every Heart and Soul deserves to be fit!  He has over 400 free workouts available on his channel.  His workouts are fun and fast paced.  Coach Kozak is so like-able you can't help but want to watch his videos and join him in the exercises...they're just great!

2) ZuzkaLight of
Zuzka is amazing!  Her workouts are so challenging!  She recently made her newly uploaded workouts by subscription only, but there are still about 70 FREE workouts available to choose from and they are intense, crazy, amazing, exhausting - when you finish a ZWOW (a Zuzka Workout of the Week) you feel like you can take over the world.  WARNING: she loves burpees! ;)

Melissa uploads a new workout video almost every day - and her channel already has over 400 FREE videos at your disposal!  Her husband's commentary (he's the videographer) and words of encouragement make me giggle - just a real couple giving real people, like you and me!, real workouts.  Challenging and fun, they are exhausting in an awesome way!  Truly great workouts!

I hope you find these channels helpful.....I know I have!  And feel free to search YouTube for other channels that may interest you.  YouTube is loaded with knowledgeable individuals that upload awesome free workouts!  It's like having your own personal trainer at your finger tips!  Utilize them!!!

I'll see you tomorrow with more!