Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome to my first official blog post!

Hello blog world!  I am so excited that I decided to embark on this journey!  I'm no English major so grammar, punctuation and spelling can (and should!) all be over looked!  ;)  I should start by saying that I realize at this point I'm basically writing to myself...and I'm okay with that!  Because for now I really am writing FOR myself.  Somewhere to ramble and jot down my thoughts.  Don't get me wrong...I do hope that people find my blog, think it's interesting and start following it - but my actual goal is simply to entertain, the way other blogs have done for me.  For years I've been following a bunch of blogs - some on fitness, some on pregnancy (and life thereafter!), some on weight loss and weight loss management, some just documenting people's every day lives.  I read them daily and I look forward to new posts.  You start to feel a connection with the blogger even though you've never met or spoken - since they share so much about themselves.  I've gained tons of knowledge, posts have made me laugh and cry...and most importantly they inspired me to start writing myself!  

I don't know how much I want to disclose off the bat (we did just meet!), but I'm comfortable telling you that I'm in my late 20's, I have an adoring husband and I'm a stay at home mom for 2 amazing sons, who are almost 4 and 1 1/2 years old. 

So now that this welcome post is crossed off my list, let's get on with the show!