Monday, September 30, 2013

WOD - September 30, 2013

As I mentioned yesterday I had planned to do the new Melissa Bender workout video today - And I did!  Even though I had a lot to do this afternoon I made sure I set aside a little time (10 minutes!! That's all it took.) because I couldn't wait to try it!

I did the Sweaty 2 Sculpted: 10 Minute HIIT Interval Workout.  A great, quick workout - and I used a 15 lb dumbbell.  It was the perfect size weight (for me) for this workout!  This routine was very abs and legs focused, with some cardio mixed in.  Another good one!!

Go check it out!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

My day (thus far!) in pics...

It'll be a {fill in the blanks} kindof thing with pictures...I have somewhere to be tonight so I may or may not be back with my WOD later.  Either way....Enjoy!

  • My morning started with:

(Image from:
Deep Chocolate VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops)*
(Image from:

  • Then I dropped my older one at: 
(Image from:
  • The little guy and I went to: 
(Image from:
  • He had:
Starbucks Petites Birthday Cake Cake Pop
(Image from:
  • I bought:
Mama wants to be able to do a pull-up!
#crappyphoto #iheartHalloween #candycorn #alreadyopened ;)
I GOT A FLU SHOT (quick, painless and free with my insurance - woo hoo!!)
  • Snack time:
My FAV snack (See here!)
  • WOD! (Be back later with details!)
(Image from:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 things that made me #soooooHappy today :)

At the close of another fabulous, fun-filled family weekend I thought I'd do a little "Top 5" list  - how is it Sunday night already?!  In no particular order, please see below :)  Enjoy....
  1. Coffee.  Sometimes it's the little things in life, right?  We had a busy, fun, late night last night with some friends, and I was up with the kids regular time this morning {read: early/ basically before the sun had risen/kids have SO much energy ;)}, so my coffee tasted extra yummy this morning!  Someone brought it back for us from Hawaii so it was the good, strong Kona coffee...just what I needed to pep me up for #2 on this list! ;)
  2. Orange Theory.  As you are already well aware, I really enjoy my at-home workouts, as discussed in too much detail here and here and here.  On most days this is my main workout and I love them (Shout out to my favs - Melissa Bender of Bender Fitness and Coach Kozak of HASfit).  However, after starting Orange Theory about a month ago, I really enjoy throwing that into my rotation 1-2x/week.  It's a great change of pace to my normal day-to-day and I leave feeling a great sense of achievement!  Ain't nothing wrong with that!
  3. Pro baseball game.  We went to a professional baseball game today with the kids and they were in awe!  Heck, it's equally exciting for my husband and I, too!  There's something about being at a stadium, with screaming fans and tons of crappy food, it's overwhelmingly fun!  My big one even got a ball from the visiting team's catcher when they were coming back into the dugout (we had awesome seats!) which he obviously thought was the greatest thing that has ever happened!  A great time was had by all!
  4. Grapes.  I got a new batch (bag? stash? bunch?) of grapes at the grocery store the other day and I really hit the jackpot! (The little things, remember? loll) They are red seedless grapes from the USA, not sure if they were organic or not.  But they are big and hard and super juicy - just the way I like them!  [Hey now!]  There's nothing worse than a mushy, soggy grape...gross!  These were so refreshingly delicious!
  5. My grandma's meatballs.  My grandma makes THE BEST meatballs!  My entire family loves them!  I refuse to learn the recipe because then she'll have to stop making them; this way she just has to stick around forever to continue making them!  Every couple of months she'll make a 2-3lb batch and separate them out 6-8 meatballs into each container so I can freeze them and then defrost them about once a week or so for my family for dinner.  They never get old to me.  We had them tonight for dinner.  They're always delicious and totally bring me back to my childhood with every batch! YUM-O!

So that's that folks.  What's something that made you smile today?

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

WOD - September 29, 2013

Today was an Orange Theory day (can I get a woo hoo!!).  I took the class this morning with an instructor that I had a couple of weeks ago.  She's great - very dynamic and explanatory in the weight room (which most of the trainers are!) which is very helpful.

Apparently Sundays are nicknamed "Distance Sundays" for a reason.  Today we spent about 27 minutes on the treadmill and she said at the beginning of the class that she hopes the 'Runners' will reach about 3.1 miles in that time period.  {Side note: when you're on the treadmills you're considered either a Walker, Jogger or Runner depending on your fitness level and ability and each have their own criteria to follow}  Yikes - I definitely don't run that fast (I'm a 'Jogger'), so I think I did about 2.8 miles and I was happy with that!

The treadmill was followed by about 5 minutes on the rowing machine.  And then the rest of the time I spent in the weight room.  I had a set of both 12.5 lb and 15 lb dumbbells and I switched back and forth depending on the exercise.  We worked mostly chest, back and biceps with the dumbbells and the SBT bands.  Actually, when I got home my husband said, "Did you do chest? Your pecs look jacked." [And he totally meant that in a non-sexual, complimentary way.  He's so romantic! lol]

Today was a good, solid workout.  When I left I thanked the instructor - I have this thing...I ALWAYS go up and thank the instructor! - and she said, "Great workout today.  I love the facial expressions."  I totally LOL'd!  I am very expressive!  I am told that all.the.time from friends and family.  It's just funny that she picked up on it!  

I'm planning to do the new Melissa Bender workout (Sweaty 2 Sculpted: 10 Minute HIIT Interval Workout) tomorrow so hopefully all goes as planned! :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

WOD - September 28, 2013

Just finished my WOD - a quick at-home workout.  I physically was able to go to the gym for a run today but I just wasn't in the mood mentally.  You know those days, right?!  It's literally 90degrees here and we spent all morning outside at the t-ball field in the sweltering heat.  {For the love of the game}  I really could have just laid on the couch with the air blasting away all afternoon - if only the kids raised themselves sometimes ;) - but I got on the computer and in the archives I found a 'new-to-me' workout on Melissa Bender's website so I just had to do it!  My little one was napping, my older one was watching a Mickey special (actually, it's called Minnie's Wizard of Dizz and it is super cute!) and my hubby was at the gym so I really had no excuses other than being lazy!

I did the Quick Body Weight Home Workout that was uploaded in June.  I liked that Melissa was barefoot (I don't really know why but I did lol) so I went without sneakers too!  It was definitely a challenging one - the leg series and the triangle dog press were the most intense for me.  I did 20 reps of each exercise like Melissa did in the video.  

Definitely felt the burn in my abs, glutes, arms, shoulders - another good full body workout with no weights needed!!  I may do some burpees too if I get a chance - let's say I'll do 20 if I get the time - just because I haven't done a good burpee in a while! 

What's your WOD today??

I'll be busy this afternoon with the family so I'll be back tomorrow with more!

WOD - September 26, 2013 (and the 27th too!)

It's already Saturday morning afternoon and my last 2 days of workouts haven't been published yet.  #lifegetsinthewayofblogging ;)

This post will be all business and I'll (hopefully!) be back later with your regularly scheduled programming!

WOD - September 26, 2013
  • 2 miles on the treadmill.  I was all over the place during this run.  I was bored {momma needs a new running playlist - help!} and couldn't wait to just get it done!  A few minutes at 8.0mph, a few back at 6.5, down to 5.5 for a little, etc, etc, etc....but in about 18 1/2 minutes I was done, which is fast for me!  And I was glad it was over. 
  • 3 1-minute forearm planks.  I love planks! even though I had to get home to shower for my Girl's Night Out I set my Gymboss [for 1 minute work/30 seconds rest] and planking I went.  Planks are such a great total body exercise for me - shoulders/abs/quads/brain (lol).  They make me feel strong and I love that!
WOD - September 27, 2013
  • 3 supersets of:
    • 8 decline push-ups
    • 8 push-ups from my knees
  • 3 sets of: 20 jump squats
  • 3 supersets of: (see pics and descriptions below)
    • 20 bicep curl+shoulder press with 7 lb dumbbells
    • 20 flutters (1 flutter is a 4 count - 2 on each arm) with 7 lb dumbbells
Bicep Curl + Shouler Press Description:
Starting position A - 

Then do a bicep curl landing you at position B - 

Flip your hands from facing you to facing outward (position C) - 

Do a shoulder press upward ending at position D - 

The simply reverse the movements D --> C --> B --> A ending at the starting position - this counts as 1 rep!

Holy shoulder crushers!!  The position for flutters is arms in front of you, elbows at 90degrees and upper arms parallel to the floor as seen here (to really engage your core try to do this while kneeling on a bench or Bosu ball...but be careful!).  One arm at a time slightly lift the dumbbell straight up to the ceiling about an inch - but you do this as fast as possible without sacrificing the correct form.  In this workout, 1 flutter is a 4-count.  So technically each set has a TOTAL of 80 individual flutters. (Does that make sense??)

So there you have it.  I seriously apologize for the crap-tastic quality of these pics but I shot them super quick so I could get this post up.  I promise to try to improve on pics in the future!  And maybe next time I'll pick a better spot to demonstrate the exercises (Where's Waldo with my laundry basket!?) and throw on a little makeup! :)  But at least you get to see my new Lulu top!

I'll be back later with more!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sally, You disappointed me...

So you already know that Tuesday I put on a new set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in The Bold Rush (because my 4 year old liked this color the best!)
(Picture from the Sally Hansen website)

Well, today - to my dismay - it was really starting to peel...on 3 of my nails.  So much so that it was getting caught on things and peeling off my nail in pieces. :(  I am actually off to email Sally because this is the first set I've had this problem with (it's only Day 4!) so I'm disappointed!  Usually I LOVE love these things (see here and here!)

Anyway, lucky for me I was at Target earlier in the week (what else is new?!) so I stocked up on a few new sets of the Sally Hansen strips (which I showed you here) AND I spotted that Essie now makes these too.  {Hey everybody - jump on the bandwagon!}  They're called Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques.  They're a $1.50 more than the Sally Hansen ones but I figured I'd give them a chance...I mean, who doesn't love Essie's Ballet Slipper or Limo-scene?? LOVE!

Essie claims that they last up to 10 days (great!) and they were actually super easy to apply - they had less pieces/liners than the SH strips and the cuticle stick was plastic (not wood) and really worked to push my cuticles back.  Also, the Essie ones had no stretch - not sure if this is a positive or negative...just an observation.  They're textured which was a nice change - makes it a little more fun!  From start to finish this afternoon it probably only took me like 10-15 minutes  to apply them - done and done!

So I had bought two of them but today I put on the bright blue with the silver dots (can't find the name because I already tossed the box - sorry!).

[See crappy pic below.  Note to self - take better pictures with better lighting!]

So today is Day 1.  I'll keep you updated.  But these are super bright and fun and (hopefully) very sticky :)

What do you think??

I'll be back later with 2-days worth of WODs!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In and Thoughts

I weigh in every week on either Thursday or Friday morning.  EVERY week.  I ALWAYS weigh in - it keeps me sane and on track and accountable.  And I have the same routine....I wake up (duh!), I go to the bathroom, I take off my pajamas, I put the scale in the same spot on the bathroom floor, and I weigh in.  And then I write it down.  I actually checked this morning in my journal and I have every weight from every week since October 2009 - 1 month after my older son was born - when I restarted WW.

I know this sounds dramatic and even a little psychotic, but I just really like consistency.  I'm a Virgo...and an Engineer...and a total Type A....charts and numbers and lists are in my nature!

I'm in maintenance mode, so up or down a lb or 2 or 3 is totally normal, but I do have a range that I like to stay in.  It's my 'happy place'.  The number on the scale does not dictate my mood for the day.  I repeat...the number on the scale does not dictate my mood!  (Although sometimes I need to remind myself of that - hey, I am human!)  If I had a salty dinner the night before - this affects the scale.  If I was busy running around all day and didn't eat as much as I typically do on a normal day - this affects the scale.  This next thought is SO important: the scale IS NOT a direct reflection of the amount you ate, the type of food you ate, how much muscle you have, how much fat you have, your height, the amount of calories you burned during exercise, etc, etc, etc...this list could seriously go on forever!  I weigh in because I like to, because it works for me, because it makes me have accountability and that is important to me.

I've been maintaining for many months now!  And I'm proud of myself because I'm living life - eating, drinking, being merry...and exercising - and I've come to realize that I intuitively have the tools to keep myself in control.  I'M in control!

If you take anything from this post, please do what works for you!! Throw out your scale if you need to! Start taking body part measurements.  Go by how your clothes are fitting....or how much weight you can snatch...or how many miles you can run...or how many burpees you can do...Get my drift?! :)

OMG - after re-reading this post I am feeling very vulnerable.  I can't believe I disclosed this - it makes me feel like a bit of a fraud because I totally agree that the NSV (non-scale victories) are what really shapes me and my mood!  This is just something I do, because I do it, and that's just that.

Am I crazy? Do you do WWI?

I'll be back (hopefully) later with my WOD!  I am going out to dinner with some girlfriends for a Girl's Mom's Night Out, which we try to do every month or 2.  Sushi + wine + girlfriends = 1 happy momma! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOD - September 25, 2013

Hi all!  So I managed to squeeze in a quick Bender workout this afternoon while the little guy was napping.  My problem is I'm so busy doing stuff around the house (and maybe catching up on a little of whatever "Real Housewives" taped the night before!) that by the time I start my workout the little guy's been napping for well over an hour.  And he usually only naps for around 2 hours so my time is limited.  And once I hear him whine/cry it totally sends my workout mojo flying out the door!  I must start my workouts earlier!

So I went back in the archives to a workout that I thought was new to me (but once I started I realized I had done it once before which was fine!) - it was only 10 minutes so I was sold!  I did the Speedy 10 Minute Body Toning Workout.  

Melissa used heavier weights than I had at home so where she did only 10 or 15 reps of each exercise I up'd mine to 20 reps.  I think I should invest in like a 12 lb set. (I have a pair of 4's, a pair of 7's and a single 15 lb weight)  Anyway, I still felt the burn and I'm glad I decided to double the reps.

The last exercise in the workout was side plank reaches and I used the 15 lb dumbbell for this one.  My shoulders and abs were really feeling it! 

I was exhausted after dinnertime tonight (how many times do I have to tell my 4 year old to take a bite of food?!?) but I figured blowing off some steam would do me some good.  So off to the gym I went for a quick (quick meaning short, not fast lol) 2 miles in 20 minutes!  I got a cramp in my left hamstring a few minutes ached the whole time but didn't stop me from running and finishing.  I stretched it pretty good after so hopefully it doesn't bother me tomorrow.  My glutes were sore from yesterday's workout (thanks Melissa!) so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

Anyway, I'm off to check in on my blog friends ;).  And then one of my favorite shows is premiering tonight: Law & Order: SVU!  This shows makes me so nervous...and I love it!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WOD - September 24, 2013

A quick recap of today's workout because there are 2 new shows that start in a few minutes that I can't wait to watch - The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife (I love Malin Akerman!).

This afternoon I did the Melissa Bender Low Impact Body Sculpt: Tummy and Tush.  10 exercises (20 reps of each) for a wonderful workout in under 12 minutes!  Don't be misled by the words low impact - I certainly was!  Low impact basically meant that we weren't doing jump squats, high knees or jump lunges...but it definitely did not mean we weren't going to break a sweat with a hard workout!  We spent the entire workout on the floor - again, don't be fooled...that doesn't translate to easy! - and really targeted the core and the glutes!

My 2 favorite exercises from this routine were a bit more challenging versions of the more familiar exercises we're used to - mountain climbers and the plank.  The versions in this workout were the slow mountain climbers (you really feel the burn in your core!) and heel tap planks (these really challenge your core strength and balance).

Another awesome workout from Melissa! :)

I'll see you tomorrow with more!

What 3 words best describe YOU?

3 words that describe you and your personality, what makes you you?

It seems like such a simple question, but is it really?  My initial reaction would be to start listing my 'titles' (mother, wife, sister,...), my 'education/work titles' (engineer, scientist, blogger,...) or 'great reasons to hire me for a job' (organized, reliable, ambitious,...) but no, no, no...I can go deeper than that.  It's so easy to name positive adjectives about your girlfriends like "Jessica is smart and organized" or "Rachel is so adventurous and crafty".  We speak so highly of our friends because we think they're great - we're friends with them for a reason right?!

So, it got me thinking.  I would really need like 9 or 10 words to better describe me, but if I were to only pick 3 I would choose...
  • Athletic - I played tennis when I was younger (and for my high school team) and I was always a 'sporty' kid.  I could kick a soccer ball, hit a t-ball and shoot a basketball.  And even today - at 30 (ahhh!) - I may not be the fastest, or thinnest, or fittest, or strongest - but I do consider myself coordinated and still pretty sporty (hey, I'm a boys' mom!) - I'm comfortable describing myself as athletic!
  • Friendly - OK, this sounds a bit narcissistic but I try really hard at this one.  I want to be approachable to both my old friends and my new friends (meeting new friends with your little kids at preschool or mommy and me is literally like dating!  Am I right?!)  Some people walk around with somewhat of a 'nasty puss' on their face and they don't even realize it!  I try to make people feel comfortable when they're around me - so I think friendly is another good adjective for me.
  • Emotional - I come from a long line of emotional women.  I laugh HARD, I cry HARD, I love's just the way I'm wired!  I'm passionate whether it's something I love or something I don't love (I don't like the word hate).  My husband, my children and my close friends all know it!  I am who I am!  Love me or leave me :)
What 3 words best describe you??

I'll be back a bit later with my WOD!

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And the winner is....

After the in-flood of votes (or not, but that's ok!)....the only vote that actually counted was my 4-year-old's!  And he chose The Bold Rush!  So The Bold Rush it was!  And I already got 2 compliments today - thanks Sally Hansen! :)

What do you think??

I'll be back later with my WOD!

Monday, September 23, 2013

WOD - September 23, 2013

So at around 11:05 this morning I convinced my parents (who both happened to be not working today!) to watch the little guy, pick up the older one from school, take them for lunch and drop them back home after...all while I went to the 12:00 Orange Theory class!  It didn't take much convincing - grandparents LOVE spending time with their grandkids! (or at least in our family they do ;))  It's a are happy because they love their grandparents-grandparents are happy because they love their grandkids-parents are happy because (even though they love their children more than life itself!) they get a minute to do something for themselves!

So I left them, ran home to put on my contacts in and my running shoes on - you know I already had my workout clothes on (hello new Lulu pants!) - and headed to Orange Theory.  There were only about 6 of us in the class...understandable because who can just take a workout class in the middle of a workday?! it was intimate and the instructor really got to focus on each and every person.

We spent the first 15 minutes or so running sprints at an incline - exhausting!  Followed by about 10 minutes on the rowing machine - which I love/hate!  Then it was weight room time.  Nicole, our instructor, said we were focusing on lower reps with heavy weights - exercises included but were not limited to push-ups, reverse lunges, bicep curls, shoulder press and a couple of exercises with the SBT straps (bicep curls and supermans).  

Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers (Hi Julie!) just opened up a great dialogue about suspension training with the TRX straps! (Btw, in my opinion, TRX, SBT...potato, poh-ta-toe...right??)

Anyway, we then did more rowing, more shoulder presses, and ab exercises, and jump squats....and if that wasn't enough....back to the treadmills for some 'all outs' AKA torture and bicycle crunches!

And then the 60 minutes were over (halleluyah!), we stretched and I left feeling amazing!!!!! :)

Do I have any other Orange Theory-ers out there??

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

I'm a trendsetter!

Can you proclaim yourself a trendsetter?  Well, I don't know who to ask so I'm going to assume it's perfectly acceptable!

I blogged about a few of my favorite things here and I raved about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips because, well, I think they're awesome!  They're so easy to use, last over a week and cost only $8.50!  I have worn the 3 different styles in the last month or so and I get compliments all.the.time!  Really!  3 of my girlfriends have purchased and applied them (plus my sister!) in the last week or so!  That constitutes trendsetting, no? ;)

I've bought them from Target and Walmart, but I'm sure you can find them at most drugstores and beauty supply shops.  I've worn...
(Images from the Sally Hansen website)

Glitz Blitz:


and Frock Star:

One was cuter than the next!  Today was Day 10 of wearing 'Frock Star' and it still looked pretty good.  (I got 2 compliments on it today alone!)  But one of my nails was starting to peel - and I just bought a couple of new ones from Target earlier today - so I wanted a change of pace...or, polish, actually!   Today I bought:

The Bold Rush: (this one is cuter in person - the hombre effect is much more subtle!)

and Sweet Water Floret: (which vaguely reminds me of marble counter tops, but I like it! lol)

What do you think? Which one should I do first??

I'll be back later with my Orange Theory WOD - I snuck in a 12:00pm class while my parents watched my kids!  YEA for childcare!! :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

WOD - September 22, 2013 V2.0

I had to pop in to give you details of my workout.  Again, I did the 2 miles.  And I did them in about 20 minutes!  Great success!

But I was so enjoying the quietness of the gym and the Backstreet Boys Pandora station I was jamming to (what? I'm a child of the 90's!), so I stayed to do some strength training too.  It only took another 20 minutes or so and it was soooo worth it!  Here's what I did....

3 supersets of: 
* 10 air squats+shoulder press with 10lb dumbbells (keep your knees behind your toes and the dumbbells at your shoulders during your squats - this keeps the biceps engaged)
* 10 bicep curls+Arnold press with 5lbs dumbbells (I really love these for arms! I would've liked to have used 7's or 8's but the gym only had 5's or 10's so I opted for the 5's....those shoulder presses really exhausted my shoulders!)

Followed by 3 sets of: 
* 12 Decline push-ups on my knees (I tend to do push-ups on my knees often.  This allows me full range of motion for every rep - all the way down and all the way back up - and I can concentrate on keeping my core engaged and the proper form)

Followed by:
* 2 minute forearm plank (remember to keep your shoulders away from your ears, those abs pulled in tight and your tush down in order to really target those abs!)

And finally:
* 1 minute super low static lunge (remember to keep your knees behind your toes and your back straight.  It helps me to extend my arms out in front of me!)

And that's that!  A good full body burn in about 40 minutes!  Time to shower and then it's Taco Time!

** DISCLOSURE: Just a reminder that I am not a certified fitness trainer yet. (But hopefully I will be soon - more on this in a future post!)  I am simply sharing the workouts that I do to give you inspiration and motivation in your own workout routines!  Enjoy :)

WOD - September 22, 2013

Heading to the gym again today for another 2 miles.  There is too much going on in my house for me to concentrate on doing an at-home workout right now.  The weekends are hard for that since my husband's home.  Don't get me wrong....I love weekends, but there ends up being a lot going on and not a lot of 'downtime' at home....but it's also nice because I can get out while he's home with the kids (the little guy's napping)!

We have our close friends and their kids (my sons' girlfriends lol) coming over for dinner tonight - make your own tacos!  And hopefully my girlfriend and I will be opening a bottle of Pinot Grigio which is my fav!  The husbands like craft beer - I'm not a fan of beer but to each his own!

I'll be back tomorrow with more (or later to give you a workout update!)!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


{Shouting from the rooftops...} I'M ON TWITTER!!!

I am soooo new to Twitter - I don't even have a personal account - but for the love of my blog I am now tweeting!  Any advice/help/wisdom appreciated!

And, duh, FOLLOW ME! @PeaceLoveCream  :)

WOD - September 21, 2013

I ran the 2 miles!  And I did it in the 20 minutes!  Mission Accomplished!!

And while I was finishing up, an elderly man - probably in his late 70s/early 80s - shuffled in wearing his hearing aids and pushing his walker.  He plopped right down on the stationery bike and away he peddled!  And, if that wasn't cute enough, he was chuckling while watching the sports bloopers show that was playing on the tv in the gym.  What an awesome guy!  I hope when I'm that age I'm still happily exercising like this man was - holy inspiration!

I just had to post to keep you updated!  I said I'd do it and I did....I like the accountability!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Turkey Trot Registration...check!

I don't consider myself a runner, because I'm really not.  I started Orange Theory about 3 weeks ago and in each class you jog/run for about 25 minutes - which is more than enough for me! (Especially when we do sprints at like 8 mph, ahhh!)  Well, yesterday, my sister signed us up for our local Turkey Trot which is an annual Thanksgiving 5K (3.1 miles) and I'm very excited!!

There's something about running an organized race (I've done probably a half dozen 5Ks and 1 5-miler) that really gets your adrenaline pumping!  And when you cross the finish line and get your medal or ribbon, you feel so accomplished!  This Trot is a fun, light-hearted race that we've actually done twice before.  It makes you feel like you really earn your calorie-heavy, yummy, savory turkey dinner that night! lol

As you know, most of my workouts - excluding Orange Theory - are done in my living room.  Running isn't in my regular rotation....but I'm going to try to change that!  So, after I hit 'publish' I'm off to the gym to run a quick (if 20 minutes is quick!) 2 miles.  To some people it's only 2 miles...but to me - it's still a lot.  Perception is everything (that sounds sooo dramatic!) but I want to change my mentality so that I perceive running 2-3 miles as an easy a totally doable, regular, 'normal' distance for me!

So, go google "Turkey Trot + [insert your city here]" and find your local race!  Let me know WHEN (not if...when!) you sign up and let's virtually do it together :)

I'll see you tomorrow with more!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's happenings & WOD - September 20, 2013

After Orange Theory so late last night (what?!....6:30pm is late for me!) I was going to take the day off.  Dare I say I woke up and put on a 'normal outfit' (read: not spandex!).  I had errands to run today as follows:

1) Drop my older son at school
2) A quick return (and then purchase!) at Old Navy - hello new black skinny jeans! (Photo from Old Navy website)

3) Another quick return (and then purchase!) at Lululemon - woohoo to my new crop pants and tank! (Photos from the Lululemon website)
Wunder Under Crop
I would never normally even look at a pattern like this but I'm so glad I did - the length is a little longer than some of the other pants and the up-and-down stripes are pretty flattering (or so said the saleswoman when I asked her! lol)
No Limits Tank
I actually got this top in a dark navy blue tank with a dark blue paisley print sports bra - I think it was brand new!  It's super cute!
4) Food shopping - which is always so enjoyable with a toddler
5) Pick up older son at school
6) Quick lunch with Papa (my dad) which always puts big smiles on the boys' faces - they both love love LOVE my dad!

Anyway, I was exhausted to say the least when I put the little one down for his nap.  But, a quick mental chat with myself, a change of clothes and I was in the mode.  The workout mode.  My legs, chest and shoulders are a little sore from yesterday so I wanted to do something quick (duh, right?!) that was a total body workout.  

Lucky for me the newest video to pop up on my YouTube subscription list was a 10 minute HIIT Cardio Interval: Sweat Not Tears video from, my fav girl, Melissa Bender!  It was pretty intense in the short 10 minutes and I definitely broke a sweat.  (Why does she like high knees so much?! ;))  I would normally pair this with an ab routine or even a quick arm workout but today I wasn't in the mood to do anything else so it was enough for me!  Go check it out!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

WOD - September 19, 2013

Although 6:30pm is almost passed my bedtime (kidding...sort of!), I pushed through and went to Orange Theory tonight.  I usually workout while my little one naps around 1:00ish so today was a little weird waiting until after he was asleep for the night to exercise!  

I always leave Orange Theory feeling amazing!  It's such a wonderful workout - I would never push myself on the treadmill the way the trainers do there.  I love that you wear the Polar heart rate monitor.  I appreciate the mentality that you're 'only competing against yourself' and it's awesome to see how you do!

I burn about 600 calories during each class and, honestly - regardless of that, I leave feeling like a million bucks which means more to me than any calories burned or pounds lost!  It's such a great workout - mind, body and soul!

I'll see you tomorrow with more!

I have a secret....

I'm harboring a's not a bad's actually a good secret, a great secret.  An exciting, new adventure that I've embarked on!  It's something that I want to shout from the rooftops, but at the same time I don't!  Wanna know the secret?  NO, I'm not pregnant! (2 is more than enough for now!)  The secret is...


Was that anticlimactic for you?  I'm sorry!  It's obviously not a secret that I'm keeping from you - you're here! lol - it's a secret that I'm keeping from ALL of my family and friends, with the exception of my husband, who is my biggest supporter!

It's hard to keep this secret.  And I'm proud that I started a blog, I'm proud of the posts that I've published, I'm proud of who I am - and who I am on this blog is who I am in 'real life' too - but at the same time I'm scared to share it with everyone.  I know they would enjoy it, and be proud of me too but it still scares me!  I equate it to walking into the room completely naked - may sound a little dramatic but holy wow!

Are these feelings legit?  Am I crazy? When did you know it was the right time to share your blog with your family and friends??  Ahhh!!

I'll be back later with my WOD!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WOD - September 18, 2013

My WOD, like most of my workouts, was short, but so sweet!  Another Melissa Bender workout - Summer Body Fat Burn - which was originally posted back in April.  

This actually brings up a good point.  The websites that I frequent to find my WODs (which I listed here) have 100's of archived videos to choose from...go back, back, way back - even if it was posted a year or 2 ago it could still be a new workout for you!

Anyway, this workout was awesome.  Definitely a full body burn, even hitting obliques!, that had me sweating in under 15 minutes!  What I really enjoyed about this workout is that it incorporates interesting and new variations on the good, old, trusty basic body weight exercises, like lunges, squats and push-ups, that I love love love! (See how passionate I am about them here!)

And I love that Melissa did this workout outside - it was a nice change of scenery!  Check it out!!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

The right way to talk to yourself!

I read a post yesterday on Roni's Weigh and I knew that I had to share it with you.  (There are actually a lot of posts that Roni writes that I love - see me gush about Roni here!)

Anyway, back to the post, it really hit home!  Please go over and check it out.  It's a really good reminder to treat yourself with the respect that you require (and deserve!) from your friends...and that they should require from you too!  You really should be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy!  Thanks for the reminder, Roni!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WOD - September 17, 2013

So in addition to my regular posts, I think I'm going to start posting my daily WOD - Workout of the Day.  Is this interesting or completely unnecessary?!  If you're interested in my daily workouts, please leave me a comment....give me the encouragement to post daily (or almost daily) to share my workouts!  And, if I continue this, I'll also include my thoughts on the workout so you can check it out too...if it's worth it ;)

Today my glutes, hamstrings and quads were pretty sore - in a great way - so I stuck to abs and upper body.  Yesterday's workout was great so this post will include that one too!

WOD - September 16, 2013 Melissa Bender's Lower Body Blast: Burn, Shape and Sculpt.  You will be seeing A LOT of Bender Fitness workouts on my blog because I think Melissa is an awesome trainer with challenging exercise routines - see me gush about her here!  Anyway, this workout was awesome!  It was short (less than 15 minutes!), included a pair of free weights (mine were only 7.5 lbs) and really targeted that lower body.  I'm going to make this one a regular in my rotation!

WOD - September 17, 2013 HASfit's 6 Minute Plank Happy Abdominal Workout.  This is another trainer that you will see often on my blog (I mentioned him here too!).  Quick workout but in the 6 minutes my abs got pretty fatigued.  I would usually pair a workout like this with something that had cardio or a more intense strength training, but today I had run out of time (kids!)...I did, however, also do 4 sets of 15 push-ups.  Better than nothing!

I'll see you tomorrow with more!

My favorite workout clothes!

This morning my little one and I took a trip to Old Navy after our Mommy & Me class.  I got a gift card for my birthday from some of my girlfriends and I had the SuperCash to redeem ($20 worth!) so I wanted to get there before I picked my big one up from school.  I was so excited leaving there since I got so much bang for my buck, but it got me thinking about this blog post. So here are 3 of my favorite stores to get my workout clothes (and my favorite pieces from each place!)....

1) Active by Old Navy.  Inexpensive, well-made, flattering and fashionable!  I especially love their sports bras and workout tanks. 
(Images are from the Old Navy website)

I have the adjustable-strap sports bra and the bubble tank in at least 4 different colors, each!  

2) C9 by Champion from Target.  Who doesn't love Target??  When I was pregnant most of my maternity clothes were Liz Lange Maternity from Target - but that's for another post!  Now, a large chunk of my workout clothes (AKA my daily wardrobe!) is C9 by Champion from Target.  See a reoccurring theme here?! ;)  I love the C9 by Champion brand for the same reasons I love the Active by Old Navy brand - inexpensive, well-made, flattering and fashionable! 
(Images are from the Target website)

C9 by Champion® Women's Premium Reversible Knee Tights - Assorted Colors
These reversible, knee tights are a great fit and a great length! I have them in a few different colors and they're great!

C9 by Champion® Women's Fit and Flare Tank - Assorted Colors
Love this fit and flare tank top - I only think it's flattering (on me!) in this color combination, but I wear it often.  Supportive because of the built-in-bra and has a great, flattering racer back!

3) Lululemon.  Duh, right?! It is a little (or a lot!) pricey! But it's so fashionable and flattering and really transitions from workout to errands to lunch and beyond!  Worth the splurge for a few key pieces to pair with cheaper pieces mentioned above and off you go!  I love their longer, but still cropped, tight pants that are great for yoga or running or cross-training.  I am also a huge fan of their 'no limits' signature tank....
(Images from Lululemon website)

No Limits Tank
It's just awesome! 

Swiftly Headband
This swiftly headband is a real keeper!  The silicon design on the inside really keeps it in place - and the colors are so vibrant!

So there you have it.  A list of my fav workout clothes!  Where do you like to buy your workout wardrobe?  

I'll see you tomorrow with more!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Strong is the new 'skinny'!

How amazing is this??  And how true?!  Our culture goes through phases of what is considered beautiful....for example, Marilyn Monroe was her generation's 'beautiful' - curvy with real boobs and a bigger butt and womanly hips, a true sex symbol.  So if she was so sexy, why are our models - the ones we see today on the runway or in magazines (the ones that young women look up to!) starving themselves, or so it seems, in order to be flat-chested and stick thin? I just don't get it....  I will give it to certain brands and companies.  Dove, for example, launched their Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which was awesome and I think really opened people's eyes.  But the 'real woman' is still a minority in the marketing world, in my opinion!

What I do love is that more and more women now believe that being physically fit, diesel if you will, is way sexier than starving, or binging and purging, to look like a waif model that probably can't even run a 1/2 mile.  We are realizing that SKINNY DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTHY!  Hello - novel concept....or is it?!  HEALTHY = EATING RIGHT + EXERCISE!  Strong is healthy!  Food is fuel for the body - fuel to give you energy to complete kick ass workouts, like Crossfit or Orange Theory (LOVE Orange Theory - check it out!) or any amazing boot camp-style workout that you enjoy!  You can even get a killer, butt kicking, muscle building workout at home, in your living room!....I can't stop talking about the ones that I love - check it out here and here and here!

I only hope this new mentality teaches our children the right way to treat your body - to feed it, to work it, to love it....rather than to starve it to obtain an unrealistic, emaciated figure that will be too weak to even support you.  That is not sexy!

So eat your protein, and carbs, and fats....lift those those laps....reach those's so much more rewarding than skipping a meal or being lazy.  Be strong - strong is the new 'skinny'...strong is the new sexy!!!!!

I may have gotten carried away with this one, but this topic is so exciting and liberating and really sparks something inside of me - women need to be given the right information so they can get the right tools, and use them the right way, to be the best that they can be! Period! :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm what?!

It's as if I thought when my birthday passed everything would change!  Not that I want ANYTHING in my life to change, but it was very anticlimactic!  The day came and went. Actually for the last 12 years my birthday has been very emotional as it lands on September 11th. It's hard to make it a celebratory day when Americans, including myself, are memorializing the 100s of innocent lives that were lost because of the terrible terrorist attacks. Included in that list is my best friend's dad who was a NYC firefighter.  A brave, amazing, selfless hero that gave his life while trying to save others.  I celebrate his life and legacy each year now when I celebrate my birthday...

My husband planned a little surprise get-together with about 20 of our closest friends - which was exactly what I wanted. We played ping pong, ate and drank and just hung out. It was great!  

I do feel 'old' now. I know, some people are like "you're ONLY 30", but to me 30 is a big turning point age-wise. I'm no longer in my 20s which is crazy to think about! I know my 30s will be filled with lots of adventure and lots of love - my husband and sons are my everything - but now I'm thinking, what else do I want?? Will I want to go back to work once my kids are in school full time? Will I want to change things about the way I parent? (I can already answer this one - YES! Mama needs more patience!!). There's a lot to ponder - it's a good thing I have a decade to think about it! ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!