Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 things that made me #soooooHappy today :)

At the close of another fabulous, fun-filled family weekend I thought I'd do a little "Top 5" list  - how is it Sunday night already?!  In no particular order, please see below :)  Enjoy....
  1. Coffee.  Sometimes it's the little things in life, right?  We had a busy, fun, late night last night with some friends, and I was up with the kids regular time this morning {read: early/ basically before the sun had risen/kids have SO much energy ;)}, so my coffee tasted extra yummy this morning!  Someone brought it back for us from Hawaii so it was the good, strong Kona coffee...just what I needed to pep me up for #2 on this list! ;)
  2. Orange Theory.  As you are already well aware, I really enjoy my at-home workouts, as discussed in too much detail here and here and here.  On most days this is my main workout and I love them (Shout out to my favs - Melissa Bender of Bender Fitness and Coach Kozak of HASfit).  However, after starting Orange Theory about a month ago, I really enjoy throwing that into my rotation 1-2x/week.  It's a great change of pace to my normal day-to-day and I leave feeling a great sense of achievement!  Ain't nothing wrong with that!
  3. Pro baseball game.  We went to a professional baseball game today with the kids and they were in awe!  Heck, it's equally exciting for my husband and I, too!  There's something about being at a stadium, with screaming fans and tons of crappy food, it's overwhelmingly fun!  My big one even got a ball from the visiting team's catcher when they were coming back into the dugout (we had awesome seats!) which he obviously thought was the greatest thing that has ever happened!  A great time was had by all!
  4. Grapes.  I got a new batch (bag? stash? bunch?) of grapes at the grocery store the other day and I really hit the jackpot! (The little things, remember? loll) They are red seedless grapes from the USA, not sure if they were organic or not.  But they are big and hard and super juicy - just the way I like them!  [Hey now!]  There's nothing worse than a mushy, soggy grape...gross!  These were so refreshingly delicious!
  5. My grandma's meatballs.  My grandma makes THE BEST meatballs!  My entire family loves them!  I refuse to learn the recipe because then she'll have to stop making them; this way she just has to stick around forever to continue making them!  Every couple of months she'll make a 2-3lb batch and separate them out 6-8 meatballs into each container so I can freeze them and then defrost them about once a week or so for my family for dinner.  They never get old to me.  We had them tonight for dinner.  They're always delicious and totally bring me back to my childhood with every batch! YUM-O!

So that's that folks.  What's something that made you smile today?

I'll be back tomorrow with more!