Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crossfit-inspired at home bootcamp-style workouts are amaaaazing!

Well that's a tongue twister! lol I cannot rave enough about the workouts that I do...the ones that only take 15-20 minutes...the ones that I do right at home.  They're quick, they're intense, they're hard...and they work!  But something that I often forget is not everyone can push themselves like I do (there goes that Type A coming through again....)  I enjoy testing my limits and beating my own ass as if I'm the trainer and the trainee at the same time. That is why these workouts work for me. I really never went on YouTube before I found my 'trainers' and their channels.  But now I see what an amazing world it is!

People are sharing their knowledge of health, wellness and fitness FOR FREE!  Because they want to help other people.  It's amazing!  My favorite YouTube channels, which I've already discussed in detail here, feature full length videos.  That means that you can follow along with the trainer while they do the workout, just like you would if you bought a workout DVD for $15+, minus the price tag!  You get motivation, proper form and coaching the whole way through...

Now I'm sure you're wondering "how can you possibly get in a serious workout in under 30 minutes?"  I get it.  It seems crazy.  But I guarantee that a couple of workouts with my favorite trainers (Zuzka, Melissa and Coach Kozak) and you will see how!  Be you're own competition - hell, do an AMRAP7 (as many repetitions as possible in 7 minutes) of burpees (which is an actual Crossfit Open Workout!) and you'll see that in just 7 minutes you can get a full body, sweaty, heart-pumping, muscle building workout!  Test your boundaries because the possibilities are endless!  You are the only one standing in your way :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!