Thursday, September 19, 2013

I have a secret....

I'm harboring a's not a bad's actually a good secret, a great secret.  An exciting, new adventure that I've embarked on!  It's something that I want to shout from the rooftops, but at the same time I don't!  Wanna know the secret?  NO, I'm not pregnant! (2 is more than enough for now!)  The secret is...


Was that anticlimactic for you?  I'm sorry!  It's obviously not a secret that I'm keeping from you - you're here! lol - it's a secret that I'm keeping from ALL of my family and friends, with the exception of my husband, who is my biggest supporter!

It's hard to keep this secret.  And I'm proud that I started a blog, I'm proud of the posts that I've published, I'm proud of who I am - and who I am on this blog is who I am in 'real life' too - but at the same time I'm scared to share it with everyone.  I know they would enjoy it, and be proud of me too but it still scares me!  I equate it to walking into the room completely naked - may sound a little dramatic but holy wow!

Are these feelings legit?  Am I crazy? When did you know it was the right time to share your blog with your family and friends??  Ahhh!!

I'll be back later with my WOD!