Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm what?!

It's as if I thought when my birthday passed everything would change!  Not that I want ANYTHING in my life to change, but it was very anticlimactic!  The day came and went. Actually for the last 12 years my birthday has been very emotional as it lands on September 11th. It's hard to make it a celebratory day when Americans, including myself, are memorializing the 100s of innocent lives that were lost because of the terrible terrorist attacks. Included in that list is my best friend's dad who was a NYC firefighter.  A brave, amazing, selfless hero that gave his life while trying to save others.  I celebrate his life and legacy each year now when I celebrate my birthday...

My husband planned a little surprise get-together with about 20 of our closest friends - which was exactly what I wanted. We played ping pong, ate and drank and just hung out. It was great!  

I do feel 'old' now. I know, some people are like "you're ONLY 30", but to me 30 is a big turning point age-wise. I'm no longer in my 20s which is crazy to think about! I know my 30s will be filled with lots of adventure and lots of love - my husband and sons are my everything - but now I'm thinking, what else do I want?? Will I want to go back to work once my kids are in school full time? Will I want to change things about the way I parent? (I can already answer this one - YES! Mama needs more patience!!). There's a lot to ponder - it's a good thing I have a decade to think about it! ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!