Friday, September 27, 2013

Sally, You disappointed me...

So you already know that Tuesday I put on a new set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in The Bold Rush (because my 4 year old liked this color the best!)
(Picture from the Sally Hansen website)

Well, today - to my dismay - it was really starting to peel...on 3 of my nails.  So much so that it was getting caught on things and peeling off my nail in pieces. :(  I am actually off to email Sally because this is the first set I've had this problem with (it's only Day 4!) so I'm disappointed!  Usually I LOVE love these things (see here and here!)

Anyway, lucky for me I was at Target earlier in the week (what else is new?!) so I stocked up on a few new sets of the Sally Hansen strips (which I showed you here) AND I spotted that Essie now makes these too.  {Hey everybody - jump on the bandwagon!}  They're called Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques.  They're a $1.50 more than the Sally Hansen ones but I figured I'd give them a chance...I mean, who doesn't love Essie's Ballet Slipper or Limo-scene?? LOVE!

Essie claims that they last up to 10 days (great!) and they were actually super easy to apply - they had less pieces/liners than the SH strips and the cuticle stick was plastic (not wood) and really worked to push my cuticles back.  Also, the Essie ones had no stretch - not sure if this is a positive or negative...just an observation.  They're textured which was a nice change - makes it a little more fun!  From start to finish this afternoon it probably only took me like 10-15 minutes  to apply them - done and done!

So I had bought two of them but today I put on the bright blue with the silver dots (can't find the name because I already tossed the box - sorry!).

[See crappy pic below.  Note to self - take better pictures with better lighting!]

So today is Day 1.  I'll keep you updated.  But these are super bright and fun and (hopefully) very sticky :)

What do you think??

I'll be back later with 2-days worth of WODs!