Monday, September 16, 2013

Strong is the new 'skinny'!

How amazing is this??  And how true?!  Our culture goes through phases of what is considered beautiful....for example, Marilyn Monroe was her generation's 'beautiful' - curvy with real boobs and a bigger butt and womanly hips, a true sex symbol.  So if she was so sexy, why are our models - the ones we see today on the runway or in magazines (the ones that young women look up to!) starving themselves, or so it seems, in order to be flat-chested and stick thin? I just don't get it....  I will give it to certain brands and companies.  Dove, for example, launched their Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which was awesome and I think really opened people's eyes.  But the 'real woman' is still a minority in the marketing world, in my opinion!

What I do love is that more and more women now believe that being physically fit, diesel if you will, is way sexier than starving, or binging and purging, to look like a waif model that probably can't even run a 1/2 mile.  We are realizing that SKINNY DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTHY!  Hello - novel concept....or is it?!  HEALTHY = EATING RIGHT + EXERCISE!  Strong is healthy!  Food is fuel for the body - fuel to give you energy to complete kick ass workouts, like Crossfit or Orange Theory (LOVE Orange Theory - check it out!) or any amazing boot camp-style workout that you enjoy!  You can even get a killer, butt kicking, muscle building workout at home, in your living room!....I can't stop talking about the ones that I love - check it out here and here and here!

I only hope this new mentality teaches our children the right way to treat your body - to feed it, to work it, to love it....rather than to starve it to obtain an unrealistic, emaciated figure that will be too weak to even support you.  That is not sexy!

So eat your protein, and carbs, and fats....lift those those laps....reach those's so much more rewarding than skipping a meal or being lazy.  Be strong - strong is the new 'skinny'...strong is the new sexy!!!!!

I may have gotten carried away with this one, but this topic is so exciting and liberating and really sparks something inside of me - women need to be given the right information so they can get the right tools, and use them the right way, to be the best that they can be! Period! :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. ok I have to admit that i totally love your enthusiasm, but I totally wrote a post against this the other day. I hate that we are still making an ideal body image part of our culture...I just want people to feel good being healthy whether they are ripped or not, which is what a lot of those images portray when I see them.

    1. Hi Amanda! I so appreciate your comment. And maybe my enthusiasm (and the 3,000 things bouncing around in my head!) got me off topic. I agree with you - being healthy and happy are of utmost importance. But I'm also proud that a 'strong' women (in mind and/or in body) isn't being looked at with such a stigma anymore. At least to me! I'll be sure to check out your blog - and I'm so glad that you decided to check out mine. Hope to see you back again!