Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's happenings & WOD - September 20, 2013

After Orange Theory so late last night (what?!....6:30pm is late for me!) I was going to take the day off.  Dare I say I woke up and put on a 'normal outfit' (read: not spandex!).  I had errands to run today as follows:

1) Drop my older son at school
2) A quick return (and then purchase!) at Old Navy - hello new black skinny jeans! (Photo from Old Navy website)

3) Another quick return (and then purchase!) at Lululemon - woohoo to my new crop pants and tank! (Photos from the Lululemon website)
Wunder Under Crop
I would never normally even look at a pattern like this but I'm so glad I did - the length is a little longer than some of the other pants and the up-and-down stripes are pretty flattering (or so said the saleswoman when I asked her! lol)
No Limits Tank
I actually got this top in a dark navy blue tank with a dark blue paisley print sports bra - I think it was brand new!  It's super cute!
4) Food shopping - which is always so enjoyable with a toddler
5) Pick up older son at school
6) Quick lunch with Papa (my dad) which always puts big smiles on the boys' faces - they both love love LOVE my dad!

Anyway, I was exhausted to say the least when I put the little one down for his nap.  But, a quick mental chat with myself, a change of clothes and I was in the mode.  The workout mode.  My legs, chest and shoulders are a little sore from yesterday so I wanted to do something quick (duh, right?!) that was a total body workout.  

Lucky for me the newest video to pop up on my YouTube subscription list was a 10 minute HIIT Cardio Interval: Sweat Not Tears video from, my fav girl, Melissa Bender!  It was pretty intense in the short 10 minutes and I definitely broke a sweat.  (Why does she like high knees so much?! ;))  I would normally pair this with an ab routine or even a quick arm workout but today I wasn't in the mood to do anything else so it was enough for me!  Go check it out!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. Those Lulu pants look fabulous!!! Sadly I don't own any Lululemon yet, but I may have to make a trip out to their shop today. :) Great blog!

    1. These are actually my first pair of 'textured' exercise pants. And I agree, they seem pretty fabulous, don't they?! I said it before in a previous post, a few key pieces are all you need to really spice up your current workout wardrobe...a mix and match of Save & Splurge! Thanks for the comment :)