Saturday, September 21, 2013

Turkey Trot Registration...check!

I don't consider myself a runner, because I'm really not.  I started Orange Theory about 3 weeks ago and in each class you jog/run for about 25 minutes - which is more than enough for me! (Especially when we do sprints at like 8 mph, ahhh!)  Well, yesterday, my sister signed us up for our local Turkey Trot which is an annual Thanksgiving 5K (3.1 miles) and I'm very excited!!

There's something about running an organized race (I've done probably a half dozen 5Ks and 1 5-miler) that really gets your adrenaline pumping!  And when you cross the finish line and get your medal or ribbon, you feel so accomplished!  This Trot is a fun, light-hearted race that we've actually done twice before.  It makes you feel like you really earn your calorie-heavy, yummy, savory turkey dinner that night! lol

As you know, most of my workouts - excluding Orange Theory - are done in my living room.  Running isn't in my regular rotation....but I'm going to try to change that!  So, after I hit 'publish' I'm off to the gym to run a quick (if 20 minutes is quick!) 2 miles.  To some people it's only 2 miles...but to me - it's still a lot.  Perception is everything (that sounds sooo dramatic!) but I want to change my mentality so that I perceive running 2-3 miles as an easy a totally doable, regular, 'normal' distance for me!

So, go google "Turkey Trot + [insert your city here]" and find your local race!  Let me know WHEN (not if...when!) you sign up and let's virtually do it together :)

I'll see you tomorrow with more!