Monday, September 2, 2013

Turning 30 (gulp!) and finally being rid of my inner-wannabe-skinny-girl!

Next week is a big week for our family.  My older son is turning 4, which is crazy enough because time is just flying by, and the following day is my 30TH birthday, which is even crazier!  I sometimes still think of myself as a kid - apparently a kid who has 2 kids of her own! lol   So it got me I everything I thought I'd be by.....30??

I have a loving/helpful/supportive/awesome husband, 2 crazy/smart/energetic/amazing little boys, an adorable dog (a Havanese...with a puppy cut - she really is adorable!)....and, as I delve deeper into myself to answer this question, I realize I have finally gotten rid of the inner-wannabe-skinny-girl that gauged her day by the number she saw on the scale that morning!  That is huge that I can say that!  She didn't know anything about exercise or eating well or doing 'good' for her body - she just wanted to be "skinny" and that was that!  I do weigh in every Friday morning...naked, after I go to the bathroom, at approximately the same time (remember, Type A over here!)...because I have to keep myself accountable.  I'm not totally obsessive about it...but it works for me.  HUGE tip: when you find something that 'works for you' (whether it's working out with a friend, weighing in and writing it down, keeping a journal of what you're eating, taking pictures of your meals, the possibilities are endless!), DO IT!  Keep yourself accountable in whatever way you can.  

Anyway, back to the question....I am confident in saying YES, I am everything I thought I'd be at 30, for the reasons I listed above and even more that I didn't list.  In terms of my inner-wannabe-skinny-girl the last 6 or 8 months she morphed into my inner-healthy-and-fit-mom that does things like 'real' push-ups, 20+ burpees in a row and can hold a plank position for over 3 minutes!  She huffs and puffs after a great workout which feels amazing and NOW gauges her day based on the muscle definition she can see in her shoulders and arms when she looks in the bathroom mirror while she's putting on her sports bra and workout outfit for the day.  She can pick up her 30-lb 19 month old like it's nothing.  She is VERY proud, not in a bragging way, but in a confident I-can-do-it kind of way! I am VERY proud of who I am on this very big birthday!  I'm everything I had hoped I'd be - and more!

I hope this post gives you some food for thought!  Are you proud of who you see looking back at you in the mirror?  Is it enough to just be 'skinny' or do you want more?  Who thinks that hard work and exercise are addictive? (I do!!)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!