Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In and Thoughts

I weigh in every week on either Thursday or Friday morning.  EVERY week.  I ALWAYS weigh in - it keeps me sane and on track and accountable.  And I have the same routine....I wake up (duh!), I go to the bathroom, I take off my pajamas, I put the scale in the same spot on the bathroom floor, and I weigh in.  And then I write it down.  I actually checked this morning in my journal and I have every weight from every week since October 2009 - 1 month after my older son was born - when I restarted WW.

I know this sounds dramatic and even a little psychotic, but I just really like consistency.  I'm a Virgo...and an Engineer...and a total Type A....charts and numbers and lists are in my nature!

I'm in maintenance mode, so up or down a lb or 2 or 3 is totally normal, but I do have a range that I like to stay in.  It's my 'happy place'.  The number on the scale does not dictate my mood for the day.  I repeat...the number on the scale does not dictate my mood!  (Although sometimes I need to remind myself of that - hey, I am human!)  If I had a salty dinner the night before - this affects the scale.  If I was busy running around all day and didn't eat as much as I typically do on a normal day - this affects the scale.  This next thought is SO important: the scale IS NOT a direct reflection of the amount you ate, the type of food you ate, how much muscle you have, how much fat you have, your height, the amount of calories you burned during exercise, etc, etc, etc...this list could seriously go on forever!  I weigh in because I like to, because it works for me, because it makes me have accountability and that is important to me.

I've been maintaining for many months now!  And I'm proud of myself because I'm living life - eating, drinking, being merry...and exercising - and I've come to realize that I intuitively have the tools to keep myself in control.  I'M in control!

If you take anything from this post, please do what works for you!! Throw out your scale if you need to! Start taking body part measurements.  Go by how your clothes are fitting....or how much weight you can snatch...or how many miles you can run...or how many burpees you can do...Get my drift?! :)

OMG - after re-reading this post I am feeling very vulnerable.  I can't believe I disclosed this - it makes me feel like a bit of a fraud because I totally agree that the NSV (non-scale victories) are what really shapes me and my mood!  This is just something I do, because I do it, and that's just that.

Am I crazy? Do you do WWI?

I'll be back (hopefully) later with my WOD!  I am going out to dinner with some girlfriends for a Girl's Mom's Night Out, which we try to do every month or 2.  Sushi + wine + girlfriends = 1 happy momma! :)