Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What 3 words best describe YOU?

3 words that describe you and your personality, what makes you you?

It seems like such a simple question, but is it really?  My initial reaction would be to start listing my 'titles' (mother, wife, sister,...), my 'education/work titles' (engineer, scientist, blogger,...) or 'great reasons to hire me for a job' (organized, reliable, ambitious,...) but no, no, no...I can go deeper than that.  It's so easy to name positive adjectives about your girlfriends like "Jessica is smart and organized" or "Rachel is so adventurous and crafty".  We speak so highly of our friends because we think they're great - we're friends with them for a reason right?!

So, it got me thinking.  I would really need like 9 or 10 words to better describe me, but if I were to only pick 3 I would choose...
  • Athletic - I played tennis when I was younger (and for my high school team) and I was always a 'sporty' kid.  I could kick a soccer ball, hit a t-ball and shoot a basketball.  And even today - at 30 (ahhh!) - I may not be the fastest, or thinnest, or fittest, or strongest - but I do consider myself coordinated and still pretty sporty (hey, I'm a boys' mom!) - I'm comfortable describing myself as athletic!
  • Friendly - OK, this sounds a bit narcissistic but I try really hard at this one.  I want to be approachable to both my old friends and my new friends (meeting new friends with your little kids at preschool or mommy and me is literally like dating!  Am I right?!)  Some people walk around with somewhat of a 'nasty puss' on their face and they don't even realize it!  I try to make people feel comfortable when they're around me - so I think friendly is another good adjective for me.
  • Emotional - I come from a long line of emotional women.  I laugh HARD, I cry HARD, I love HARD...it's just the way I'm wired!  I'm passionate whether it's something I love or something I don't love (I don't like the word hate).  My husband, my children and my close friends all know it!  I am who I am!  Love me or leave me :)
What 3 words best describe you??

I'll be back a bit later with my WOD!

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