Thursday, September 19, 2013

WOD - September 19, 2013

Although 6:30pm is almost passed my bedtime (kidding...sort of!), I pushed through and went to Orange Theory tonight.  I usually workout while my little one naps around 1:00ish so today was a little weird waiting until after he was asleep for the night to exercise!  

I always leave Orange Theory feeling amazing!  It's such a wonderful workout - I would never push myself on the treadmill the way the trainers do there.  I love that you wear the Polar heart rate monitor.  I appreciate the mentality that you're 'only competing against yourself' and it's awesome to see how you do!

I burn about 600 calories during each class and, honestly - regardless of that, I leave feeling like a million bucks which means more to me than any calories burned or pounds lost!  It's such a great workout - mind, body and soul!

I'll see you tomorrow with more!