Monday, September 23, 2013

WOD - September 23, 2013

So at around 11:05 this morning I convinced my parents (who both happened to be not working today!) to watch the little guy, pick up the older one from school, take them for lunch and drop them back home after...all while I went to the 12:00 Orange Theory class!  It didn't take much convincing - grandparents LOVE spending time with their grandkids! (or at least in our family they do ;))  It's a are happy because they love their grandparents-grandparents are happy because they love their grandkids-parents are happy because (even though they love their children more than life itself!) they get a minute to do something for themselves!

So I left them, ran home to put on my contacts in and my running shoes on - you know I already had my workout clothes on (hello new Lulu pants!) - and headed to Orange Theory.  There were only about 6 of us in the class...understandable because who can just take a workout class in the middle of a workday?! it was intimate and the instructor really got to focus on each and every person.

We spent the first 15 minutes or so running sprints at an incline - exhausting!  Followed by about 10 minutes on the rowing machine - which I love/hate!  Then it was weight room time.  Nicole, our instructor, said we were focusing on lower reps with heavy weights - exercises included but were not limited to push-ups, reverse lunges, bicep curls, shoulder press and a couple of exercises with the SBT straps (bicep curls and supermans).  

Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers (Hi Julie!) just opened up a great dialogue about suspension training with the TRX straps! (Btw, in my opinion, TRX, SBT...potato, poh-ta-toe...right??)

Anyway, we then did more rowing, more shoulder presses, and ab exercises, and jump squats....and if that wasn't enough....back to the treadmills for some 'all outs' AKA torture and bicycle crunches!

And then the 60 minutes were over (halleluyah!), we stretched and I left feeling amazing!!!!! :)

Do I have any other Orange Theory-ers out there??

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. oh that sounds like an awesome mid-day break!! i actually dont know anything about orange theory but i just popped over to their website and it looks like a fantastic workout! they dont have one in boston yet, but when they do i'm trying it :)

    1. It really was! I'd describe it like a not-heavy-weights-type Crossfit bootcamp workout with 3 'stations' - treadmill, rowing machine and weight room. I love that it incorporates the rowing machine which I really would never do (but I love!) I totally recommend it if you ever get the opportunity! Thanks for the comment, Charlotte! :)