Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WOD - September 24, 2013

A quick recap of today's workout because there are 2 new shows that start in a few minutes that I can't wait to watch - The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife (I love Malin Akerman!).

This afternoon I did the Melissa Bender Low Impact Body Sculpt: Tummy and Tush.  10 exercises (20 reps of each) for a wonderful workout in under 12 minutes!  Don't be misled by the words low impact - I certainly was!  Low impact basically meant that we weren't doing jump squats, high knees or jump lunges...but it definitely did not mean we weren't going to break a sweat with a hard workout!  We spent the entire workout on the floor - again, don't be fooled...that doesn't translate to easy! - and really targeted the core and the glutes!

My 2 favorite exercises from this routine were a bit more challenging versions of the more familiar exercises we're used to - mountain climbers and the plank.  The versions in this workout were the slow mountain climbers (you really feel the burn in your core!) and heel tap planks (these really challenge your core strength and balance).

Another awesome workout from Melissa! :)

I'll see you tomorrow with more!