Saturday, September 28, 2013

WOD - September 26, 2013 (and the 27th too!)

It's already Saturday morning afternoon and my last 2 days of workouts haven't been published yet.  #lifegetsinthewayofblogging ;)

This post will be all business and I'll (hopefully!) be back later with your regularly scheduled programming!

WOD - September 26, 2013
  • 2 miles on the treadmill.  I was all over the place during this run.  I was bored {momma needs a new running playlist - help!} and couldn't wait to just get it done!  A few minutes at 8.0mph, a few back at 6.5, down to 5.5 for a little, etc, etc, etc....but in about 18 1/2 minutes I was done, which is fast for me!  And I was glad it was over. 
  • 3 1-minute forearm planks.  I love planks! even though I had to get home to shower for my Girl's Night Out I set my Gymboss [for 1 minute work/30 seconds rest] and planking I went.  Planks are such a great total body exercise for me - shoulders/abs/quads/brain (lol).  They make me feel strong and I love that!
WOD - September 27, 2013
  • 3 supersets of:
    • 8 decline push-ups
    • 8 push-ups from my knees
  • 3 sets of: 20 jump squats
  • 3 supersets of: (see pics and descriptions below)
    • 20 bicep curl+shoulder press with 7 lb dumbbells
    • 20 flutters (1 flutter is a 4 count - 2 on each arm) with 7 lb dumbbells
Bicep Curl + Shouler Press Description:
Starting position A - 

Then do a bicep curl landing you at position B - 

Flip your hands from facing you to facing outward (position C) - 

Do a shoulder press upward ending at position D - 

The simply reverse the movements D --> C --> B --> A ending at the starting position - this counts as 1 rep!

Holy shoulder crushers!!  The position for flutters is arms in front of you, elbows at 90degrees and upper arms parallel to the floor as seen here (to really engage your core try to do this while kneeling on a bench or Bosu ball...but be careful!).  One arm at a time slightly lift the dumbbell straight up to the ceiling about an inch - but you do this as fast as possible without sacrificing the correct form.  In this workout, 1 flutter is a 4-count.  So technically each set has a TOTAL of 80 individual flutters. (Does that make sense??)

So there you have it.  I seriously apologize for the crap-tastic quality of these pics but I shot them super quick so I could get this post up.  I promise to try to improve on pics in the future!  And maybe next time I'll pick a better spot to demonstrate the exercises (Where's Waldo with my laundry basket!?) and throw on a little makeup! :)  But at least you get to see my new Lulu top!

I'll be back later with more!