Thursday, October 31, 2013

WOD - October 31, 2013 + Trick-or-Treat

I had like zero time for a workout today - I had planned to walk/jog this morning but it was raining :(

I pulled a #wycwyc and did 3 sets of 90 second planks.  Better than nothing, right?

I did have time to:

  • Bake cupcakes with my older son for our friends' Halloween party tonight - all of our friends went there for pizza and fun before trick-or-treating...
Hi TMNT Leonardo (our pumpkin!)

I wish I had a better picture of them...they were Funfetti Halloween and they were a huge hit - they looked and tasted delish!!
  • Go Trick-or-Treating!
That was my candy bucket!  I'm kidding....sort really, I'm kidding!
  • Chill on the couch with my computer, hubby and this HUGE bowl of candy waiting to get rid of it....and as of now we have only had 2 people come to the door!!  Where are these so-called Trick-or-Treaters??  I'm gonna have to go read my post from earlier today - look at all of this candy I'm going to have in my house!!!

I'm off to eat a few more Reese's and call it a night - I'm tired!!

How was your Halloween?
Did you get a lot of T-or-T'ers??

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Halloween - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! Or is it??

You knew I would have to write a post dedicated to Halloween (again! ;))  I just love this festive holiday!

So I was thinking - I'd say that most people....healthy living-ers, dieters, non-dieters, humans in general....have a similar M.O. for today - EAT CANDY!  And I am so OK with that!

Indulge....Enjoy....Mangia!  It's 1 day out of the ENTIRE year....or is it??!?

We over-buy candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters...we all do it (you don't want to be the house that runs out!)!  Your kids go out and do their own trick-or-treating and they bring back 18 lbs of candy!  Halloween may be over tonight at midnight but those treats will linger, oh will they linger....for days....if not weeks!!  OH - the horror!

I just want to arm you with some of Hungry Girl's tips & tricks ....that way you can indulge wisely (with all of the information you need to stay on track!) right into November! 

Here's a tip from me: Be a part of the "One and Done" club - 1 mini Snickers never killed anybody!  Just be accountable....and don't eat the whole bag!)

Apparently this is a basketball term - but I really like it!!!  It's so appropriate here!!
1.  Check out Hungry Girl's guilt-free recipes that incorporate Halloween candy!  How yummy do these candy corn popcorn balls look??

2.  Ever wonder how many calories are in that innocent Halloween candy that you love?  Well you shouldn't wonder should know!! Check out Hungry Girl's complete candy guide with calorie counts for your favorite Halloween treats!  Knowledge is power, people! :)

Let me give you one last tip before I go....take advantage of these Halloween-sized treats!!  Most candies are in especially compact and in even cuter, smaller sizes for trick-or-treating....which means less calories than the regular-sized candy that's sold all year 'round.

For example: (source)
This Snickers mini has about 45 calories.

This regular sized Snickers has 250 calories!

Food for thought!

Oh, and before I go......2 of my favorite movies (Teen Witch & Hocus Pocus!) have been playing on ABC Family - they do a special 13 nights of Halloween where they play all kinds of Halloween-themed movies.  These movies literally bring me right back to being a kid!  I realize now that they're corny and a little ridiculous, and I still LOVE them!!  

I totally wanted to BE Louise!  She was too cool! 

LOVE SJP in this role - too funny! 

Hope everyone has a HAPPY & SAFE HALLOWEEN!!!!
(I'll be back tomorrow with my usual #thoughtsthingsthursday!)

WOD - October 30, 2013

Quick post because IT's HALLOWEEN!!  And this post should have been up yesterday - sorry!

Little guy & I did 2 miles at the park:

Mile 1: 15:05 walk
Mile 2: 10:29 jog

I wanted to work upper body - and conveniently Melissa had just uploaded a Slim & Sculpted Arms workout.  It was GREAT!

I used 15 lb dumbbells - and did 20 reps of each exercise!  - and it was challenging!  It was a nice change...not squats, no plyometrics....just solid strength training for the arms and shoulders!  For a great burn in less than 13 minutes.  Go check it out!

What was your WOD yesterday? 
Are mid-week workouts easy or hard for you to fit in/get motivated about?

I'm off to run some last minute Halloween costume errands and then it's Trick-or-Treat time with a bunch of our friends later.  I'm going to try to get in a workout today but we'll see!



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A New Year's Resolution in....October?? I say...WHY NOT?!

You do not have to wait until January 1 to don't even have to wait until Monday or even tomorrow to start.  When you make the decision to do something big...for the sake of this post, to get healthy and make a change to your can start RIGHT NOW! 

{Btw, I apologize in advance - this is a loooong one!  But before I made a real lifestyle change I was always a "Monday starter" so this post hits close to home!}

By the way, according to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology (which sounds pretty official!) the NUMBER 1 New Year's Resolution for 2012 is:

Shocker, right?  Yea, I didn't think so either.  It's a reoccurring resolution, which means that it probably usually isn't seen to fruition....and we all know why.....

Minus the fact that they used "loose" instead of "lose" (LOL) this is pretty funny!!
But the one common denominator that I see - the silver lining if I can call it that - is that people KNOW that they aren't healthy, they KNOW they aren't eating or doing the right things and they're HOPING and putting it out there that they want to change!  As we all know, though, willing something to happen is not enough to make it actually happen!  I'm sorry - it's true...

So, you made the decision. Today, right now, this moment, is the time!  You scream from the rooftops, "I want to be healthy and take care of myself!"  Well that's GREAT!  But now what??

Rome wasn't built in a day; and the way to "start" is not to make a million changes to your everyday routine....the everyday routine that you've been following for months, years even....this type of behavior will set you up for failure.  And you have to do EVERYTHING you can to make these changes STICK this time!!  

You have to make small changes that can jump start you into this new, healthy lifestyle - that will hopefully be your new 'normal' that sticks forever!

Here are my top 5 tips.  I really believe that you can start off on the right foot by following these steps.  They are a great stepping stone to help you make big changes, eventually, and they are easy enough to follow right now!


  • Eat breakfast.  Period.  Banana + toast + peanut butter.  Oatmeal.  VitaTop (or mini VitaCake!) (+ peanut butter = my personal fav!).  Something to get your metabolism going and to help avoid binging later because your body is starving!

  • Always carry & drink water.  Skip sodas, diet sodas, juices (unless it's 100% juice - but just have a small glass!), calorie-laden coffee drinks, the list goes's a tip: don't drink your calories!! WATER is the BEST thing for your body!

  • Plan plan plan.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.  It's so true!  Don't plan out 3 weeks in advance; that's too overwhelming...sit down and organize your meals and exercise plans for the next 3 or 4 days.  That's totally doable, right?
    • Be accountable - At the end of the week, assess how it went and see where, if ever, you had some trouble.  Learn from your mistakes and pitfalls...and problem solve!   Make a secondary plan so if that ever happens again you can make better choices.

  • Journal your meals, snacks, everything!
    • Seems daunting, I know!  But it is so important to see what you're eating and when you're eating it.  You should be eating REAL foods, with ingredients you can pronounce!  Foods that fuel your body.  Calorie counting is a whole other addition to the story - I think it's great especially when you're first starting out, IMO!
      • FACT: If you eat a snack, while standing in the kitchen, and no one is around to see it....IT STILL COUNTS!!
  • Do your research and ask for help!
    • Family & friends
    • Programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig
    • Online forums
    • Local groups
    • Do a simple Google search and the information available at your fingertips is endless!

So, are you ready to make the change to get healthy?  
If you have any, please share what are your tried and true "first steps" to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle??

Happy Wednesday all!  I'll be back later with my WOD!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WOD - October 29, 2013 & Pumpkin seeds

I am so out of the loop these last few days - I literally have had no time to blog (I should say to blog with much substance!) or read blogs or comment like I always try you ever feel the pressure of being a "blogger"?  I really don't have that much responsibility or anything (in terms of blogging), but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed!

That aside, I had a great walk/jog this morning with my little one in the jogger stroller.  We had about 30 minutes before Mommy & Me (and I knew this was my only time to workout today!) so I wanted to make it count:

I had set out to walk - it's seriously awkward and HARD to run while pushing the stroller! - but then I changed my mind and decided to do about 90 seconds jog/30 seconds walk.  My stats were:
  • Mile 1: 12:44 (average 4.7 mph)
  • Mile 2: 10:55 (average 5.5 mpj)
Not too shabby for pushing the little (30+ lbs is NOT little! lol) guy!

Oh, and I mentioned yesterday that my hubby carved the pumpkin last night - he actually just gutted it (so gross!) and he and my older one will carve something Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle related later tonight...then I can show you guys the final product.

I did, however, roast the pumpkin seeds last night....and I'm a little embarrassed to say that they are almost gone! What is it about salty and delicious!!  Please tell me they are super healthy and you burn most of their calories while chewing them ;)

I washed them in a strainer and tried to pick away all of the pumpkin flesh - but I didn't get too crazy about it.  I laid them on a baking sheet (that I had sprayed with Pam) and coated the seeds liberally with EVOO and salt.

I baked them for about 17 minutes in a 400*F oven and they were perfectly done!

SO yum!!

Alright, we're off to a PTO party at my older one's school, so at least I don't have to worry about dinner tonight!!

Did you notice that I added the Intense Debate comment widget with CommentLuv?? What do you think?  

I really love the CommentLuv plug-in and I wanted those that comment on my posts to be able to advertise their recent posts too!  That's the main reason I switched from the regular blogger comment template!  It's so easy to use too!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

WOD - October 28, 2013, Dinner & I need some help!

Pinterest help that is...but more on that later!

Here we are at Monday again (written Monday, posted Tuesday! lol)....and I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was filled with a little bit of sickness (my older one!), a little bit of Halloween (a party with some our friends and all the kids) and a little bit of family time (Chinese food last night!)!  It was really a great weekend - and this week is sure to bring the fun since Thursday is the big day! ;) {Just think - after this weekend you won't have to hear me talk about Halloween again until next year!! lol}

We are My husband is carving our pumpkin tonight - pics to come!

My WOD was a 2 miler with my girlfriend (strollers and our little ones in tow!)!  We like to do this on Mondays (it's becoming a weekly thing....see here and here!) - we catch up from the weekend and get a little good workout in too!

Then tonight I did a quick strength routine:
  • 3 supersets:
    • 50 squats
    • 25 standing RIGHT leg lift (lift the leg straight up behind you - squeeze the booty at the top!)
    • 25 standing LEFT leg lift (lift the leg straight up behind you - squeeze the booty at the top!)
  • 3 sets:
    • 1 minute wall sit (the last 5-10 seconds of these are really intense!)
My booty was feeling it after this workout :)

Now on to dinner....on tonight's menu: Halloween mac & cheese (duh!) and re-heated Ashley's BBQ Pumpkin Turkey Meatballs from the freezer!  I first made the meatballs about 3 weeks ago and they were so delicious (and the recipe made so many!) that I threw the remaining 5 in the freezer...perfect for a day like today!

I put some extra BBQ sauce on top of the meatballs.  They re-heated really well :)

To finish, I NEED your help!!  It's a simple request - I think....I just want to put a Pin-It button at the end of every post.  I don't know why I am having SO much trouble!!  

I mean - I know's because I know nothing about nothing when it comes to html!  I actually ended up putting a button on the right sidebar just fine - follow me on Pinterest!  I'm just getting my Pinterest page up and running so please cut me so slack! ;)

I did use to add a widget to each blog post that gives the option of sharing the post via basically any social media under the sun - it seems too easy to be true!  But is that what I want? I don't know!! 

Any help appreciated!  
What was your WOD yesterday? today?

I"ll be back later with more!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

WOD - October 27, 2013

I am popping in super fast to fill you in on my workout.  It was so beautiful out this morning (I feel like I'm saying this on repeat lately...and I LOVE it!) so I decided to do my run outside.  I haven't run outside in months (and months!).  But the Turkey Trot 5k IS outside so I have to get used to it!  It is soooo different than running on the treadmill, don't you think?

I think it is easier (minus the heat and lack of water bottle available at all times!) to run outside, since you can speed up or slow down in a mere buttons required ;)

So, I did a quick (very quick for me!) 2 miles:

18 1/2 minutes cuts about 90 seconds off of my usual 2 mile time!  I was happy and sweaty when this was done!

No strength training today - we were busy with a Halloween party with friends (my kids had their costumes on and they looked so adorable - can't wait for Thursday! {duh!}) and then we had family over for Chinese food tonight! Yum!

What do you prefer - running outside or on the treadmill?
I'll be back tomorrow with more!

My first spaghetti squash & I made guacamole!

I made 2 foods for the first time this week and I want to tell you about them both, in detail!  I'm not very adventurous in the food eating (or food cooking!) department so these are a big deal for me!  You guys are giving me such inspiration - THANKS!! :)

I posted about my first spaghetti squash purchase the other day. All of your posts and recipes that included this squash got me totally intrigued!  How had I never even tried spaghetti squash??  Well, Thursday night was the night!  And I'm JUST getting around to tell you about it!  {PS - I was so into the cooking I forgot to take pictures...but these pictures I found online are just as accurate!}

I found a Dani Spies' video online and it was super helpful!  When I Google'd for some tips, this was one of the first links that popped up and I was able to watch and prep/cook along with was great!  I did brush a little EVOO and sprinkled some S&P on the inside of the squash before baking it.  And let me tell you - 1 squash yields A LOT of 'spaghetti' a big Tupperware's worth!  That was awesome!

The verdit:  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!   My family loved it!  I treated it like spaghetti and served it with some marinara sauce.  YUM!  My 21 month old asked for more after he finished his bowl!  And my husband said it was a new favorite!  I'm so happy that I took the plunge - I will be making this again very soon!

Would you believe I had never bought an avocado either? Oh my word!  So this week I bought 2, plus a tomato and an onion, so I could make guacamole.  I really like guacamole, BUT I really don't like cilantro...yuck!...and basically every story bought guac contains cilantro.  That's when I had a brilliant idea....MAKE IT MYSELF :)

In a big bowl I mixed:

  • 2 avocados
  • a small handful of diced tomato (very small pieces)
  • a small handful of diced onion (very small pieces)
  • 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • S&P to taste
and it's as simple as that - creamy and delicious!!  It did turn a little brown in the fridge, because I didn't put any lime or lemon juice in it, but I didn't care!  Paired with the Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips (because they're the best!) it was a home run!! {Again, not my pictures!}

So I'm 2 for 2!  Thanks for all your tweets/comments helping me out!!

Hope you're having a super Sunday :)
I'll be back later with more!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

WOD - October 26, 2013 + Reebok's Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

It was beautiful outside this morning - sunny and not as humid (mid-70*F's!!)...I HAD to do something outside today!  My parents took my kids to run some errands this morning so my husband and I decided to walk to the gym!  The gym is about 0.5 miles from our house so it was a wonderful 1 mile addition (round trip) to my workout!

At the gym - no pics :( - I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 4 5-minute increments (so I did the 2 miles in a little less than 20 minutes).  I was hurting today, I don't know why, but I wanted to complete the 2 miles so I did it in a way that I knew I could...5 minutes of running goes by in like a snap.  I only took about a 30-40 second break between each 5-minute set of running, but it really helped me recoup and recover before running again.

We all know planks it was!  3 sets of 90 second planks - with 30 seconds of rest between sets.  My shoulders and core were burning - hurts so good ;)

Today was a great workout - 3 miles and planks completed...check!

Now onto something with much more substance (sorry for the length of this next part but it is SO important!):

So, we all know (or should know!) that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And even though the month is almost over, we really should be bringing awareness, raising money and contributing our time ALL.THROUGH.THE.YEAR to find a cure for breast cancer (and every other kind of cancer and disease for that matter!).  The people suffering through these illnesses need us to be at bat for them.  

If you can give money, great (but please do your research into where you are donating and what they are using the money for!)....if not, what about your time....or things in your house that aren't needed anymore, donate them.  There are so many ways to give!

Unfortunately, in this day and age, I can almost guarantee that every single person has been affected, or knows someone who has been affected, by breast cancer....either themself, someone in their family or a friend.  Prevention and early detection are key!  It's terrifying - and we need to encourage ALL women to:
  • Visit their gynecologist yearly and regularly go for mammograms (and pap smears!)
  • Do breast self-exams monthly
  • Know your body!
  • Be your own advocate - if something doesn't seem right SPEAK UP and GET IT CHECKED OUT!  Better to be safe than sorry!
Reebok is teaming up with Avon to do their part to help find a's what I mean:

October is national breast cancer awareness month! Reebok is a proud supporter of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and will donate a minimum of $300,000 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, through our pink ribbon product sales to care and to help find a cure for breast cancer. Check out the Pink Ribbon Reebok selection today and support the fight against breast cancer!

Reebok Women's Flat Grey SmoothFlex Ride 3.0 - Pink Ribbon Running Shoe is lightweight and breathable with a SubLite midsole foam for cushioning and support. This is the perfect shoe for daily runs, or for the Avon Walk! 

The Reebok Women's Pink Pink Ribbon Capri is super cute and flexible, allowing you to move freely, and look great doing it!


The Reebok Women's Gravel Pink Ribbon Hoodie is perfect for any outdoor activities this fall. Available in black and pink too! 

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow with more!

What is your favorite piece of 'pink' clothing?
What was your WOD?

Friday, October 25, 2013

A quick WWI & WOD - October 25, 2013

Let's get it over was weigh in day...up 0.5 lbs.  Ain't no thang.  That's all.

So my older one is home from school today - thank you, croup!  It is GORGEOUS out today, but I didn't want him (a) running around the park and getting out of breath and/or (b) infecting any of the other kids at the park with germs (his croup is triggered by the common cold - he's totally fine, except when the croup strikes at nighttime).  So I packed the double stroller into the car and off to the park TO WALK we went!

My view from the top:

Notice the Halloween Zbar - yuuuuum!
This was a sweet and unusual moment from this workout - them just sitting and looking around....most of our walk was spent with the little one 'bothering' the big one...Exhibit A:

He can't get enough of his big bro! lol
We were listening to the Disney music and stories station on Pandora and my older one was LOVING it - I actually enjoyed it too!  We covered 2 miles!!

2 miles in 33 minutes is about 3.6 mph - not too shabby for pushing 70+ lbs of kids + the stroller!
I knew that strength training wasn't in the cards for today - the kids would have been bored bored bored - but that's OK!  We hoped in the car and went to Jamba Juice...I was craving a strawberry smoothie!

It was really yummy!  Mine had strawberries, bananas, apples and yogurt - I got it made "light" so the small I had only cost me ~160 calories.  And it was so refreshing!

While the little guy is napping I may do some light strength training with my 7 lb dumbbells - but I won't beat myself up if it doesn't happen....hey, it's Friday ;)

Hope you are all having a good day!  
What's your WOD today??

I'll be back later with more!

Hi. My Name is Sammy and I...{have a love/hate relationship with my contact lenses!} #TTT

Welcome to my 4th installment of #thoughtsthingsthursday!  I really look forward to these Friday Thursday posts. (I just couldn't get this post up yesterday - sorry!)  I actually think I may start What I Ate Wednesday or Marvelous in My Monday posts - I think they give a nice structure to the blog...I do like knowing what to expect!  As of now I'm still just thinking about it though!

So, back to my contacts....let me give you the back story first.  

I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade.  I was 8 years old people!!!  I can remember it so clearly - I went to the eye doctor HOPING he would say that I need glasses. (I can remember the same feeling at the orthodontist when he told me I needed braces!  What was I thinking...who wants glasses and braces?? Apparently me!)  

Of course I wanted glasses, I thought they were cool, something different, a novelty.  Well, they were a novelty alright....and after a few days that novelty wore off and I found them to be annoying!  I didn't want to have to wear them in school and while watching tv or a movie.  They were a nuisance!  And I DID NOT think they were cool anymore - I thought they were dorky, cue Anne in the Princess Diaries...

Oh Anne!  

Then sometime in middle school I went to get fitted for contact lenses and I knew that these would change my world!  I still kept my glasses with me at all times, just in case, but I could wear sunglasses, I could play sports without having to fidget/worry about my glasses and I looked like my old self again!

And I've been wearing them ever since!  That's 16+ years!  And they are getting old, too! 

It's a Catch 22!  You see with my contacts: my eyes are always dry, if I wear them for the entire day my eyes are too tired to wear them if we are going out that night and one wrong rub of the eye and that thing is lost in space!  But with my glasses: I can't see as well driving (especially at night!), I can't wear sunglasses and I look like a 12 year old!   It's like 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other....I don't want to wear my glasses OR my contacts! lol  {I'm like a 6 year old, arms crossed, pouting in the corner!}

Glasses + no makeup makes me look like either a 12 year old or an old lady! ;)

I would love to get laser surgery to fix my vision - it's costly and at this moment in time it's not in the cards - hopefully one day though!  It would be so interesting and amazing to actually see without needing corrective lenses - something I can barely remember!

Btw, on most days I wear these...
I kid!!  Although how cool are these for the holiday - my FAV holiday - next week??

Do you wear glasses or contacts?
Do you like them or do they annoy you too? ;)

I'll be back later with more!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

WOD - October 24, 2013


Today is #thoughtsthingsthursday!  I didn't forget and I'm working on a post - but I just wanted to pop in and fill you in on my wonderful workout!

I should have done my workout outside today because it was a beautiful 73*F here all morning but there was just no time.  Then I was planning to go run a quick 2 miles tonight but around 2:00ish I got motivated...and I knew exactly which WOD I was going to do....

Remember how I ranted and raved about Melissa's 20 minute seriously kick butt workout (or as she puts it - 20 minute fat burn HIIT) here....well that's the one I decided to do today!  And I'm dripping in sweat now while telling you all about it!  I can't believe love that we did burpees directly after box jumps!! ;)

It's a great workout - no body part is spared with this routine!! 
What's your WOD today??

I'll (try to!) be back later with my #ttt post!  For now I'm off to take my spaghetti squash out of the oven!  I'm so excited to try it....I'll let you all know how it goes :)

Halloween 2012 - Meet the Flintstones

Quick short post for the Sits Girls Blogtober Challenge - Throwback Thursday Halloween picture edition!

This isn't a WAY BACK's from last year! lol  Our friends' have an annual adults-only party and we all look forward to it all year long - we always have a blast (next Saturday is this year's party...can't wait!!)

But I decided to post this picture because I felt great in this costume - it's the first year that, while trying to pick our costumes, I was not trying to cover myself up (not that this costume is thaaat revealing....but for me it kinda was!)  This picture makes me smile when I look at it :)

Sorry for the blurry pic - but you get the idea!

Hope everyone's looking forward to this year's Halloween adventures - what are you going to be this year????