Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! Or is it??

You knew I would have to write a post dedicated to Halloween (again! ;))  I just love this festive holiday!

So I was thinking - I'd say that most people....healthy living-ers, dieters, non-dieters, humans in general....have a similar M.O. for today - EAT CANDY!  And I am so OK with that!

Indulge....Enjoy....Mangia!  It's 1 day out of the ENTIRE year....or is it??!?

We over-buy candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters...we all do it (you don't want to be the house that runs out!)!  Your kids go out and do their own trick-or-treating and they bring back 18 lbs of candy!  Halloween may be over tonight at midnight but those treats will linger, oh will they linger....for days....if not weeks!!  OH - the horror!

I just want to arm you with some of Hungry Girl's tips & tricks ....that way you can indulge wisely (with all of the information you need to stay on track!) right into November! 

Here's a tip from me: Be a part of the "One and Done" club - 1 mini Snickers never killed anybody!  Just be accountable....and don't eat the whole bag!)

Apparently this is a basketball term - but I really like it!!!  It's so appropriate here!!
1.  Check out Hungry Girl's guilt-free recipes that incorporate Halloween candy!  How yummy do these candy corn popcorn balls look??

2.  Ever wonder how many calories are in that innocent Halloween candy that you love?  Well you shouldn't wonder should know!! Check out Hungry Girl's complete candy guide with calorie counts for your favorite Halloween treats!  Knowledge is power, people! :)

Let me give you one last tip before I go....take advantage of these Halloween-sized treats!!  Most candies are in especially compact and in even cuter, smaller sizes for trick-or-treating....which means less calories than the regular-sized candy that's sold all year 'round.

For example: (source)
This Snickers mini has about 45 calories.

This regular sized Snickers has 250 calories!

Food for thought!

Oh, and before I go......2 of my favorite movies (Teen Witch & Hocus Pocus!) have been playing on ABC Family - they do a special 13 nights of Halloween where they play all kinds of Halloween-themed movies.  These movies literally bring me right back to being a kid!  I realize now that they're corny and a little ridiculous, and I still LOVE them!!  

I totally wanted to BE Louise!  She was too cool! 

LOVE SJP in this role - too funny! 

Hope everyone has a HAPPY & SAFE HALLOWEEN!!!!
(I'll be back tomorrow with my usual #thoughtsthingsthursday!)