Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How the workplace can break (or make!) your healthy habits!

It's been a little over 4 years (OMG - how could it be that long ago?!) since I stopped working.  My last day was about a month before my older son was born...and from that moment on I've (happily!) been a full time stay-at-home mom!  

This pic was taken about 6 months ago (!) but even still, something ends up behind the couch every.single.day! lol
While I was working I was consciously watching my weight - I wasn't totally into fitness and working out like I am now - but on the eating front I was always being cautious.  I guess you could say since losing the 20ish lbs my junior year of college (Thanks Weight Watchers!) I had a new sense of food/eating/calories/portions/etc.  In the months - it was actually many months! - leading up to my wedding, when I was in serious 'get in shape' 'get skinny' mode - I was probably (definitely!) a little in psychotic, over-obsessive, calorie-counting hell - sounds fun, right? ;)  But that's a post for another day!

Anyway, I decided to organize my thoughts into this post just to prove that you can still maintain your healthy habits (at least 80% of the time!) with some of these temptations that exist at work!

Here are my TOP 4 ways to break (or make!) your healthy habits:
  1. Celebrating birthdays
    • I don't know about your office, but at my office it seemed like there was a birthday cake almost every week!  The more people you work with, the more birthday there are to celebrate...I get it!
      • Is it true that it's bad luck to not eat a piece of birthday cake?  I'm kidding - I totally just made that up!  Don't feel like you have to have a whole piece of cake at every celebration.  Politely decline if you can resist the temptation or, if you want a taste, ask for a small piece and take a bite or 2 before tossing the rest.  The first bite always tastes the best anyway ;)   

  2. Vending machine purchases around 3:00pm
    • It's as if we think we deserve (here we go rewarding ourselves with food, again!) a snack/soda/something for surviving the day thus far!  If you need to get up and stretch your legs, do that!  But you don't really have to pit stop at the vending machine.  Plan ahead - BRING HEALTHY SNACKS FROM HOME!  It takes a few extra seconds and it'll save you a few (more like 100's of) extra calories!!
      • IF you happen to find yourself face to face with vending machine snacks, think before you choose!  There actually are some decently healthy options - a granola bar, a bag of pretzels, a bag of nuts - and some companies even go the extra step and stock plenty of healthy options for their employees!   

  3. The person with the candy bowl on their desk
    • You love to hate them, don't ya?   Avoid it if you can.  Don't go in there!  {{danger, danger}}  Alright that's a little dramatic but if you can't be trusted with an open bowl of free candy, it's best to have them to come your desk if you need to chat!

  4. Going out for lunch
    • Everyone likes to get out to break up the day....I get it!  Go run an errand, stop for a coffee (without all the add-ins!), go walk the park!  There are other things you can do to pass your lunch hour rather than eat a greasy, fattening, unhealthy lunch meal.  I have 5 words for you....Bring.A.Brown.Bag.Lunch!
The website that this picture was taken from even has tips and tricks on what to bring in your bag lunch!

PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying that you should never have a piece of cake or go out for lunch!  Please, by all means, GO, EAT, DO!!  Indulge, enjoy, carpe diem!  I'm just simply giving you tools to use IF you want to avoid these situations on any given day!

I hope these tips help you out! :)

How do you feel about office temptations that may detour you from your healthy habits?
Do you always indulge?  (A little bit of a good thing goes a long way!) 
Sometimes indulge? 
Never indulge?

I'll be back later with my WOD!


  1. I always indulge! :) I love cake! But we do not have cake very often and I don't have a vending machine, so my temptations are minimal. I find drinking lots of water throughout the day and eating a wholesome breakfast really helps though!

    1. Such GREAT points, Sarah! Thanks for bringing them up. I always say water, water, water! And yes, a nice, healthy, fulfilling breakfast to start the day. :)

  2. You definitely hear about these habits all too much! Planning in advance makes a huge difference but it's the whole issue with time! :( I luckily can say that I work from home so I do not encounter temptations like this, however, I do go out to lunch A LOT - But... My wallet actually loses weight because of this, LOL!

    1. Yes - planning is key!
      Haha - I don't know about you but I'd rather have a fat wallet ;)

  3. I don't do any of these things at work. Just not worth it. I eat more at home than at work...it's probably a good thing I'm not home all day, although I'd like to be. :)

    1. Good for you!!
      Being at home is hard too...all of your food at your disposal!! ;)

  4. When 3:00 rolls around that is my danger zone! I do need to work on going for a walk or something, but at that point I just want to be done with work so food used to be a fix.

    1. It is the danger zone time for everyone! We just need to learn to turn somewhere other than crap food - even though it tastes so satisfying!! ;)

  5. my work is notorious for free food - pizza, cake, desserts, cookies, candy etc. but i never indulge; i don't have the craving anymore. i have a desk full of healthy snacks so if i'm hungry, i snack on that; if not, i just drink water.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Good for you Kathy!! It's hard to resist - especially when it's free and easily accessible! Keep it up! :)