Friday, October 11, 2013

My 'Everyday' in Pictures...

There are certain things that I do/eat/see EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!  Weekdays, weekends, it's all the same!  These things are a part of my everyday...I wanted to share them with you - in bullet point form - because I love a list!!!
  • Laundry.  I do laundry - at least 1 load - every day!  Between 2 kids, my workouts clothes, my husband's workout all adds up!  I don't mind the actual laundry part but the folding - ugh!!

  • Mini VitaCakes.  Breakfast of champions!  Every morning, without fail, I have with 2 mini VitaCakes or a VitaTop.  It's no secret that I love them!  They're delicious...and nutritious!   And if you haven't tried one, you really should!! (You can click on the affiliate links at the end of this post for some great deals!)

  • Peanut Butter.  I put it on my breakfast...I eat it out of the just makes me happy!  I happen to really like the taste of Peter Pan, so that's what I normally buy - crunchy for me; creamy for my kids and hubby (he doesn't like nuts).  And PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams - it's amazing!!

  • Cheese.  I love cheese - muenster cheese in particular.  On a bagel with cream cheese - OMG!  Anyway, this is my favorite brand, Sargento!  It's so tasty!!

  • Water.  I drink A LOT of water!  It's good for you in so many ways.  And now that I've basically stopped drinking diet coke, water and coffee are the only things I do drink!  It's so refreshing - cold, in a tall glass, with ice, and a straw..ahhh! (Zephyrhills is the best tasting, IMO!)
  • My Blog!  I spend a good amount of time writing/editing/publishing/twitter-ing on and about my blog and even more time reading/commenting on my favorite healthy living blogs!  It's a cycle that keeps going round and round - and I love it!! Thanks for reading my blog and for writing yours!  This is an awesome 'group' to be a part of :)
  • My kids/Their toys/A big mess!  I love my kids! More than I can ever even express here on my blog! But it's so amazing how 2 little guys can make such a great big mess!  Sometimes every toy we own is out on the floor.  It's ridiculous!  But they do help clean-up...more my older that's helpful!  And as long as they're having fun and playing nicely, I'm cool.  My house just always looks a tornado of toys!
Playing quietly together - although I'm sure 1 minute after this pic was taken they were fighting about something! lol
  • My pup!  She was our first baby and she will always be our little girl!  She's a Havanese and she just turned 7!  She's so sweet, so good with the kids and so easy to take care of!  She does, however, bark at any and every animal, cartoon or real, that comes on TV.  That gets a little annoying...especially when my little one is sleeping.  But regardless, I love her! 
Note that her eyes are CLOSED in this pic!  Sleepy girl!
  • HungryGirl.  I have been getting a daily email from HungryGirl for YEARS!!  Each email is filled with tips and tricks, new food finds, food swaps, the information is just endless!  And the website has all of the archives!  If you haven't read her stuff you should head over and check it out!!
(Image Source)
So there you have it!  It's not EVERYTHING that I see or eat or do EVERY DAY!  Just a glimpse!  But this post is already like a mile long so I figured enough was enough! lol  Hope you enjoyed!  :)

One more thing before I go.  So last night I reheated the BBQ Pumpkin Turkey Meatballs from Food N Fit Diaries - Hi Ashley!! - that I made the night before.  The kids devoured them (I served them with spaghetti) and these are the after pictures from the kids' dinner!

Done & Done!
What is something that you eat/see/do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY??

I'll be back later with my WOD - although I may make today an off day!  And the hubby & I have a date night tonight!! :)  

If I don't see you later then you know you'll see me tomorrow!!

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  1. I recently discovered Dark Chocolate Dreams and it was love at first taste. I totally understand the not liking to fold your cloths part. It takes me forever to fold my socks because I have to make sure there is a right and a left foot. It is okay if you say I am weird!!

    1. It is like a dessert!! Haha, socks are easy for me - it's the shirts that I have to fold that aggravate me!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Sammy! I've had so much fun post hoping through your blog :) You have awesome WODs. Once my leg has healed I'll be turning to you for workout ideas!

    I consider it a bad day if there was no peanut butter involved...Today was good cause I had a PB sandwich for lunch!

    1. Thanks for coming over!! I'm so glad we'll be able to follow each other now! I owe most of my WOD credit to Melissa Bender - her workouts are awesome! I hope your leg gets better soon! And I'm glad we share a love for PB!! :)

  3. YAY! I'm so happy to come across your blog! My hubby and I recently cut off our gym memberships and bought our own gym for the garage. He helps me with my WODs and I also come up with my own. Haven't been in there in a couple of weeks, sad to say... Motivation, where are you??? :-)

    1. I'm so glad!!! Welcome!! :) Some days it's harder to motivate yourself than others - but if you've got 10 minutes you can get in a seriously great workout! :)