Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My makeup routine...continued!

We live in a townhouse so it's 2 stories!  Sometimes I love the stairs and sometimes I loathe them - my hubby and I have been known to do a rock-paper-scissors if we're already in bed and realize we forgot something downstairs! lol  We aren't that lazy...but I guess after typing that maybe we really are ;)  I would think after 3 years or so living here I'd have buns of steel but apparently it just doesn't work like that - boo!

Anyway, in the morning it's a mad rush to get everyone downstairs, because,'s just easier down there.  It's completely kid-proofed and I don't have to worry about them jumping on beds (even though they're not allowed), throwing things down the stairs (even though they're not allowed), etc, etc, etc.  Everything is kid-proofed upstairs, including a gate at the top and bottom of the staircase, but a majority of toys and things are downstairs because that's where we spend a majority of our time, minus sleeping of course!

So I usually just brush my teeth, put my hair up in a situation and throw on my gym clothes (AKA my daily wardrobe) before going downstairs.  And I've been putting on my makeup....ready for the kitchen table...while the kids eat breakfast....using my computer's camera!  Brilliant or ridiculous???  I mean, it's not like I'm getting ready for the Oscars!

So I got a few shots that I thought were kinda funny so I figured I'd share - it is MY blog after all!

It is very strange getting used to using a camera and not a mirror!  In a mirror it's your mirror image (duh!) but on the camera there's a slight delay and it is backward!!  So I probably look like a clown and everyone's just laughing at me - and not with me! {Notice my super cool blue nails...still looking stylish...still getting me compliments!!}

So what is something you do to "save time" in the morning?  Drink your coffee while going to the bathroom?  Put your makeup on in the car?  

I'll be back with my WOD in a bit!