Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Update on Sally & WOD - October 1, 2013

{Here she goes again...talking about Sally Hansen nail stickers...ugh...SORRY!!}

I just wanted to update you all, since I mentioned here that I was contacting Sally Hansen about my 'lemon' set of Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips from last week.  Well I'm happy to report that Coty Inc. (Sally's parent company) replied to my email and told me that they will be sending me a coupon in the mail to purchase another set of Strips free of charge.  It only took them a day or 2 to respond to my initial email and I was very happy with their course of action!  Thanks Sally! :)

Onto my WOD...
Today's workout was basically a carbon copy of WOD - September 26, 2013!  2 miles on the treadmill + 3 1-minute forearm planks....I was sweating all over the place - love it!

So, I need your help!  I've reached out on twitter too....I NEED new running shoes!  I only run about 8-10 miles/week and most of the time (if not all the time!) it is on the treadmill.  What's your favorite indoor running sneaker?? Reebok? Nike? New Balance?

Thanks guys!  I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. oh thats so great Coty inc responded so quickly and nicely! love that! and not that i run that often, but i have the saucony kinvara 4 minimalist shoe- and i LOVE it.

  2. Ohh good to know - thanks Charlotte!