Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - October 11, 2013

{I weighed in yesterday - the end of the week, as I always do.  But I was busy blogging about other things and couldn't get this post up until today!}

So, it's weigh in day.  Seems like it comes around all too often, am I right?!  I'm going to try to keep these posts short and sweet because I honestly just do it for consistency and accountability.  And since I'm in maintenance there's nothing really to analyze, no food journal to critique, no bad or good habits to discuss.  I'm just going to put it out there and move on!

I'm actually down 2 lbs this week.  I'm not gonna lie and say that I wasn't happy to see the number (here we go with that number talk again! - Hi Amy!), but I know it's all part of the maintenance game.  And when I see the scale go up a bit another week it'll be A-OK and I'll know why!

I would like to note that I had 2 big *NSVs (non-scale victories!) during this past week, or rather, while we were away at Disney last weekend...  
  1. FOOD. Usually when I'm away I treat it as a total vacation...I eat what I want, I relax when I can (or should I say, when the kids allow me to!) and I don't try to squeeze in exercise if I can't or don't feel like it!  This trip, however, I really tried to eat instinctively and not piggishly, if that makes sense.  I didn't gorge just because I could!  I indulged, don't get me wrong - did you see that monster peanut butter cup?! - but in moderation, which is key for me!
  2. ACTIVITY.  I moved....boy, did I move!  I got in 2 workouts - one in the room, the other in the walking the park! - in the 3 days that we were there!  Not too shabby!  I WANTED to workout, so I did!  And it felt great!!
So there you have it!  I am very excited with my *NSVs this week - it proves that I make healthy living (my food choices and exercise) part of my everyday routine, regardless of whether I'm home or not!

*NSV - My definition of a non-scale victory is something that you're proud of that DOESN'T include the number on the scale.  Some examples are: fitting into old skinny jeans, trying something new, overcoming a fear, reaching outside your comfort zone, feeling good about yourself - anything really that makes you feel like a 'winner'!

I'll be back later with 2 posts - one about an exciting new affiliate that I'm working with and the other a WOD post about Orange Theory!!  Today is a very heavy posting day!! lol

Stay tuned :)