Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh In & Some Randomness

Another end to the week...another weigh in...

Up 0.5 lb this week.  Maintenance.  Nothing to discuss, just keeping myself accountable!

So, on to other things....
  • There is a new TV show that we started watching that is worth checking out - Betrayal!  Great show and interesting/scandalous story lines ..and since when is Stuart Townsend such a cutie??  It's a great drama!
  • Still on the topic of TV...Parenthood is one of our favorite shows!  It was super depressing last season (when one of the main characters got cancer!) but this season she's all better and there are a lot of interesting twists going on!  It's an awesome show!
  • I could do eat the Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Goldfish straight from the bag!  I buy them for the kids - kids could literally eat Goldfish! - but there's something about the pretzel flavored ones - they are a little salty and so delish...I can't resist!  Sometimes I'll eat them with a little peanut butter - YUM!
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) will mark 2 months since I started Peace, Love and Ice Cream and I couldn't be happier!  I was a blog follower/lurker for years, but diving head first into my blog, twitter and all of the blogs that I actively follow now has really opened my eyes!  Thank you for welcoming me into this blogosphere community with open arms - it's amazing!!!  
    • I went back and read my first post and I can't decide if my writing style has changed now that I'm so comfortable and just being myself while I'm blogging - maybe I was a little more uptight and nervous in my first few (dozen lol) posts...
What do you think...has your writing style changed over the course of blogging?  How long did it take you to really find your 'groove'?

We are off to a day of little league t-ball and haircuts for my boys!  I'm hoping to get in a workout today but if it's not in the cards, then that's OK!


  1. No way!! Congrats on your 2 month anniversary!! I have been blogging for just about 2 months as well! It's so fun :) Also, have you ever tried org. goldfish with peanut butter?? Amazing combo!! I'm sure that pretzel goldfish and pb would be delicious as well!!

    1. Thanks Cailee!! It's like when you're first dating count months as legit anniversaries! lol Happy anniversary to you too! :)
      Would you believe that up until a few months ago I thought that cheddar was the original flavor?! Original is AMAZING!!! :)

  2. I am almost embarrassed looking back at the first couple posts, I think to myself how lame some of the stuff I wrote sounds lol oh well!

    1. Haha - totally understandable!! Funny thing is you think all of those things, but your readers probably thought it was entertaining and enjoyed reading it! We're always hard on ourselves! ;)