Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What is your 'everyday' makeup?

I very rarely leave the house without makeup!  It may sound superficial, but I just feel better when I have a little something on my face.  (Otherwise it looks like I'm still sleeping! lol)  My hair may be in a crazy, bird's nest on the top of my head...but my dark circles are a distant memory!  I have a bag full of eyeshadows, liners, sparkly shimmers and all kinds of stuff that I use when we go out on a Friday or Saturday night, but my everyday essentials are as follows:

  • Liquid concealer - I only use it under my eyes (which a sponge) and this is a MUST for me!  I get enough sleep, my kids are old enough where they sleep through the night, and I go to bed early, but for some reason I wake up looking tired!  #momproblems
  • Blush - It adds a little color to my face and peps me up!  Give me a little glow and makes me look fresh.
  • Eyebrow brush/tweezers - I wake up with my brows going every which way!  Sometimes I'll spray a little hair gel or hair spray on the eyebrow brush before I comb/fix/organize my brows.  It really helps to keep them in place.  And tweezers, I mean, who doesn't have stray brow hairs??
  • Eye liner - a thin little black line on my lower lid makes all the difference.  It outlines my eye (obviously! lol) and really makes them pop.  Subtle but necessary for me.
  • Mascara - Totally wakes my eyes up!  And I replace my mascara often - otherwise it gets clumpy and then your lashes start to resemble spider legs - not cute!
  • Lip gloss - finishes the look.  I keep it in my car and reapply all day long!  It makes me feel pretty! And keeps my lips hydrated :)
What makeup do you wear every day??

I'll be back later with my WOD!