Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

I thought this blog title was so brilliant....until I literally typed Chicken, and then checked back at my photos and realized it was Turkey!  Oops - po-tay-to....po-tah-to, right?!

This is in our regular rotation at my house.  I guess I'll call it a Turkey Stew?!  It's not so much of a recipe - there are only like 4 ingredients! - but it's super delicious and everyone always loves it so I figured I'd share (As we speak my kids are already finished with dinner and my 20 month old kept asking for "more"!)

1. First I diced up about 1/4 of a green pepper and a little less than that of an onion.

2. I preheated the pan on medium high and dropped in some EVOO (we got this sample at last year's Food & Wine Festival so I figured no time like today to use it!)

3. I added the diced pepper, onion and some minced garlic to the pan and let it simmer (while stirring) for about a minute

4. Then I added the ground TURKEY breast and chopped away (with the end of the spatula - we like the pieces very very small, no chunks!)  Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

5. After the turkey is cooked, put on a lower heat (a little higher than simmer) and add tomato sauce (we're Ragu people) - and you can let it simmer for however long you want!  Just keep an eye on it and if it seems like it's getting too thick you can always just add more tomato sauce!  I also added some peas during this step because, well, why not!?

6. I found Uncle Ben Boil-in-Bag Rice a few weeks ago at Walmart and they're are SO easy! I made 2 of the 4 bags for my family of 4 and I think it'll be plenty (the kids don't eat too much and I really try to keep my serving to an actual portion size, rather than a big bowl like I really want ;))

Done and done!

I think I'm going to eat mine like a Chicken Kitchen Chop Chop - shredded lettuce, rice, chicken turkey (stew), maybe beans, some shredded cheese.....if only I had some of their mustard curry sauce....YUM!  I can't wait to eat now!  But first I'm going to the gym to do my 2 miles!

Do you think this looks like something you'd enjoy? Could it be any easier to make? lol
What is an easy, go-to dinner that you and/or your family really enjoys??

I'll be back later to give you an update on my WOD!