Saturday, October 12, 2013

WOD - October 12, 2013

Orange Theory was awesomely exhausting today!  And I shockingly remember everything we did - sometimes it's all a blur! lol

  • Treadmill.  
    • About 26 minutes - alternating between 5.5mph (my base pace), 7.0mph (my push pace), and 8.0mph (my 'all out' pace).  I went probably 2.7ish miles.  I was proud that I never stopped running...even during my active recoveries I stayed at base pace!
  • Row Machine.
    • 700 meters in 3 minutes.
  • Weight Room with 10lb dumbbells.
    • 12 reps deadlifts + upright row
    • 12 reps (6 each leg) lunge holding dumbbells
    • 12 reps squat (dumbbells by shoulders) + shoulder press
      • Repeat the exercises above for 14 reps each exercise
  • Row Machine.
    • 300 meter row
    • 15 reps (each side) jump lunges
    • 200 meter row
    • 10 reps (each side) jump lunges
    • 100 meter row
    • 5 reps (each side) jump lunges
    • ***At this point my legs were officially jell-o!!***
  • Weight Room with SBT Bands.
    • 14 reps bicep curls
    • 14 reps chest press
    • 14 reps triceps extension
      • Repeat the exercises above for 16 reps each exercise
  • So then we all thought that was that and we were done - well, we were wrong....SURPRISE - 3 minute plank!!!  And if your knees touched the ground you did burpees for the remaining time.
I left feeling like a million bucks!  And now I'm going to put the little guy in for a nap, take a quick and totally necessary shower, and relax!  I think I deserve it :)

What's your #WOD for today??


  1. Three minute plank is not easy! I am currently doing the 25 day challenge to a 5 minute plank that's on my blog and I'm almost at the 2 minute mark and it's tough!

    Anyways just found your blog on bloglovin..happy I found it!

    1. I know...My whole body was shaking at the end! I usually do 60-90 second planks so this was a whole other ball game!
      I'm happy you found me too :)