Monday, October 14, 2013

WOD - October 14, 2013

As I mentioned in my Yay or Nay? post earlier, I went walking this morning with my girlfriend after dropping our older kids at school.  We chatted and strolled (literally, we had the strollers! lol) and leisurely covered almost 2 miles. {I say leisurely, and we weren't power-walking by any means, but I was definitely sweating and a little tired after this walking date!}  

It's nice to have an active chit chat....we would usually just meet for coffee and hang out....but now that the weather is slightly less humid and somewhat tolerable I think we're going to try to do this much more often!  The kids snack while we're walking and then we stop at the playground for them to get their energy out before we leave the park!  Win-win!

Tonight I am still sore all over from the last few days' workouts!  I figured I'd make it an easier-ish workout and do abs....well boy was I wrong.  Melissa's latest core routine, Abs: Quick Workout to Tighten Your Core, is insane - I was sweating, and the whole workouts was done in well under 15 minutes!  My entire core is going to be feeling this tomorrow!!

Between each 20-counts of an exercise she throws in 1 minute of what she calls the 'curved hip lift' literally works every inch of your mid-section!  I've never seen a move like this before but it's pretty genius.  I love finding new exercises :)

If you're looking for a great, quick ab workout - check this one out!!!

Do you go on 'walking dates' with your friends?
If you have kids, do they behave in the stroller? (They key is food...and lots of it!! lol)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. I totally tricked my friends when I was training for princess half marathon last year into walk dates to chit chat.. but turned training long runs haha. couldn't have done it without her.

  2. I've been all about the walking lately!!! I went on so many walks this past weekend with friends and family and it was wonderful. Walking is so underrated. I think you should come to Toronto and go on a walk with me :)

    1. I hear ya!! It's a different kind of workout - but it's nice to change it up!
      Aw, good idea...I would love to!! :)

  3. I love walking dates! It's a great way to chat and enjoy the company, while burning calories! I also like to "walk and talk" when I'm on the phone!
    Sincerely Cailee @

    1. Oh, good point - I love killing 2 birds with one stone!! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!