Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WOD - October 15, 2013

Just got back from the gym - It went well and I would call this workout a quick, yet effective use of my time!

  • 2 mile run on the treadmill - alternating between 6.0mph and 7.2mph (for 1 minute sprints every 4 minutes or so).
  • Circuit Training Machines - which I NEVER use! (Hey, I was switchin' it up!)
    • Lat Pulldown
      • 3 sets of 12 reps (60 lbs)
    • Chest Press
      • 3 sets of 12 reps (60 lbs)
  • Bicep Curls - 10 lb dumbbells
    • 3 sets of 12 reps
Then I stretched and couldn't wait to get home to eat dinner....

I apologize for the crap-tastic picture - I couldn't WAIT to eat!

In the mix:
  • Taco meat (lean ground beef, 7% fat) that my hubby made last night
  • Shredded lettuce - an under-utilized salad, IMO!
  • Shredded Mexican cheese
  • Brown rice
  • A dollop of sour cream
Perfect way to end the day!  I'm off to shower and blog-read!  And do some research on The SITS girls...how did I not even know about this until today?!?!?

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. Props to you on a great workout!! Dinner must have tasted amazing! :)

    1. Thanks Cailee!! Dinner was delish - I love Mexican food....especially when we make it at home and can control all of the ingredients :)

  2. No need to apologize for the photo- if I had that bowl of deliciousness waiting for me, a photo probably wouldn't of existed =)

  3. I love a good lat pulldown >> I feel silly saying it but I really enjoy doing them :)

    Your dinner looked delicious, I love taco bowls and variations on them. I only discovered them since I started blogging and I am definitely hooked!

    1. I do too - don't you feel like working back is so rewarding? --> Now I'm the one that feels silly :)
      Thansk Jan - Dinner was very satisfying! Taco bowls are nutritious and delicious! And beyond easy to put together! Win-win! :)

  4. You blog is great!! I am always looking for new ideas, can't wait to read more!

    Stay healthy & happy

    1. Thanks Melissa!! I so appreciate your comment!! Glad you enjoy my blog - it's like my new baby ;)