Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WOD - October 2, 2013

Tonight this will be quick and in bullet point form...because mama's gotta shower before the #FitFluential community chat on Twitter in about an hour!!!

  • I went to the gym tonight because I didn't have time to do my usual at-home workout this afternoon and I was in the mood to run (heeeeey, look at me...'in the mood to run' :))
  • 2 mile run on the treadmill.
  • Then I did some strength training with a pair of 10lb dumbbells
    • 3 supersets
      • 10 Sumo squat (wide stance with arms bent & weights in front of shoulders) + Shoulder press
        • when in the squat position I did 3 pulses each rep before standing back up just to give my quads and butt a little more of a burn!
      • 10 tricep dips on a bench with straight legs
    • 2 supersets 
      • 8 bicep curls - starting position to only half way up (arms end at 90 deg position)
      • 8 bicep curls - starting half way up (start at the 90 deg position) to all the way up (weights end in front of shoulders)
      • 8 full bicep curls - from initial starting position all the way up to the end position (with weights in front of shoulders)
And now that I'm into taking selfies with my computer cam.....
This is my "I finished my workout - thumbs up - I'm so NOT cool" face!
That's all for today!  I'm really excited for the Twitter Live Chat tonight with @FitFluential.  I'm new to this blogging thing and I want to learn all I can from whoever wants to teach me :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!