Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOD - October 22, 2013

I'm posting this on Wednesday morning because I was too {busy/tired/catching up on tv} Tuesday night! ;)

I waited until 7:30pm, after dinner, to work out - huge mistake!  My husband went to the gym - so I was home with los kiddos - which was fine because I certainly didn't want to couldn't run after eating my Moe's burrito bowl!  (see pic below!)

Rice, chicken, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, diced onion, salsa + a dollop of sour cream!
I knew that my workout was NOT going to incorporate jump-anythings, but I wanted to do something and I wanted it to mean something - lucky for me Melissa had put up a new, quick, 12-minute ab routine...perfect! 

It was SERIOUSLY hard core (literally! A-ha-ha!).  I kept having to pause for a few seconds because my entire midsection was shaking - it was awesome!!  My core will for sure be feeling this tomorrow!

My shoulders and upper body are slightly sore from yesterday's WOD, but I wanted to do some legs just to spice things up!
  • 2 rounds of:
    • 50 squats
    • 50 calf raises
    • 50 wide legged squat pulses
      • My suggestion is to do each set of exercises as quickly as possible.  You have to challenge yourself when possible so you get the most out of your workout!  I took about 1 minute between rounds to walk it out and stretch out my legs.
I felt really good about this workout!  Tomorrow's Today's workout plan is a walk and some burpees, maybe....regardless you know I'll be back later to fill you in on it! :)

What's your WOD for today??


  1. Today my workout was a little spin class then some abs. I obviously did some of the ab of the day I posted today. It's a tough one!

    1. Nice - I love spinning but haven't done it in forever! I'm off to check out your ab of the day as we speak...Thanks Elise! :)

  2. ANOTHER SIGN!!! I need chicken in my life, RIGHT NOW!!

    1. Haha - love it!! You're too funny! There are plenty of times I get it sans chicken too, though! )

  3. Smart move girly! After that bowl, I sure wouldn't be running either! haha Looks yummy though! : )

    1. I was going to go run before dinner - then my husband walked in with that and I had to devour it ASAP! lol It was pretty good :)