Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOD - October 23, 2013 & some other fun stuff

I had a VERY yummy breakfast today!  Before I show you the pic, let me start off with a confession....

Up until yesterday I had never purchased Nutella!

I am actually not even sure if I've ever really HAD Nutella until this morning.....I know?!!?!?  I don't know how or why or this even possible?  Well, ALL that changed this morning with this breakfast (+ 1 or 2 spoonfuls of this creamy goodness straight from the jar!):

(I just discovered that I LOVE hazelnuts!)

So DELISH!  Nutella has such a rich, strong flavor - a few spoonfuls was enough - so I am hoping that this won't lead to an overindulging problem!!  No promises yet, however ;)

On to why we're I did my WOD at the park today - it was a gorgeously sunny &  sweaty 85*F out!  It started with a stroller walk:

(Note to self: start taking pictures before clearing the Garmin screen - I like the other screen shot so much better!)

I covered 1.20 miles in about 18 minutes.  It was the perfect time for me to stop because I was getting bored - which is the only crappy thing about not walking with my girlfriend....although Pandora's Backstreet Boys radio station had me smiling the entire time! :)

My view - loungin' and snackin' (and he looks 5 but I swear he is only 21 months! lol)

The little guy was still pretty happy in his stroller so I decided to do some sprints across the width of the soccer field.  Each sprint - I did 8 total - was 225 ft (a little over 0.04 miles) and took me about 15 seconds - I was sprinting at over 10 mph!!  And covered a little over a quarter mile.  {I'm a numbers person...sorry!}

During the last couple of sprints my hamstrings were starting to tighten up...which is why I decided to stop after 8 of them. And  I stretched very well after those!

Then, to get in some upper body, I did 5 sets of 10 push-ups (on my knees).  I think I discussed this before but I often do push-ups from my knees because (a) by this time of my workout I was tired! and (b) I can get full range of motion - all the way down and all the way up.  My shoulders felt them and I left the park happy after a super workout!  

To the grocery store I went....I bought 2 avocados (what is your fav guac recipe? I want to make some!) and a spaghetti squash that I'll probably make tomorrow (how do I do that again??).  Then I found these buy-one-get-one-free....

YUUUUM!  Reese's Pumpkins and the Mr. Goodbar - I could eat them ALL in one sitting - no questions asked!  I hope there is some candy left for the trick-or-treaters next week ;)

Then to the freezer section I headed....and was pleasantly surprised to see this:

Another BOGO free - on my FAV VitaTops!!!  Could this trip have been any more exciting??

And with that I will leave you!  I hope you had a great day! and a great WOD!

What was your WOD today?
What you're favorite (easy to make!) guac recipe?
I know a ton of you have discussed baking spaghetti squash...please put the link in the comments section below!!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


  1. Nutella rocks! I discovered it last year. Very recently I decided not to buy it anymore because of a little one's nut allergy. :-( (she won't touch PB) Your WOD sounds super! I wish I could get out and walk. Unfortunately I don't have a stroller big enough for 3 little ones. Eeek! I also like doing push-ups on my knees because of that SAME REASON! I feel like I'm working that area out more.

    1. Allergies are no joke - thankfully my kids aren't allergic and they both happen to LOVE peanut butter! Thanks - it was a great workout. You've gotta just do #wycwyc (what you can when you can) - and pushing 3 little ones would not be an easy feet! :)

  2. I am a data junky too. I make guac everyday and use it as dressing on my veggies. Nothing complicated. Mash guac add diced tomato, shallots (or onion powder), garlic, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime.

    1. Yum!! Simple enough even for me :)
      Thanks for stopping by Tara!

  3. My wife and younger son have terrible allergies, and last year (at 47 no less) she was no longer able to do any sorts of nuts or legumes! Which was sad since peanut butter was one of her faves.

    Nutella I love, but am cautious of, because it has nearly as much fat as peanut butter but many fewer benefits, So I make sure to have it in moderation ;)

    1. Allergies are so scary! You have to be so careful! I have tried the soy butter and, although it doesn't taste exactly like peanut butter, it may be something your wife would enjoy.
      Yes - I can totally understand....I will definitely be enjoying it in moderation!!