Thursday, October 3, 2013

WOD - October 3, 2013 & Dinner from Moe's

I waited until the kids went to bed to workout tonight, which almost meant that there would be no WOD!  After a full day, 7:00pm is usually too late for me to first do a workout, but...I was dressed for it....and I found a workout (in the Bender archives) that I really wanted to try so exercise I did! And now that it's done I'm so happy I decided to do it.  I really earned my dinner - more on that in a minute!

So I did 1 round, which was roughly 15 minutes, of the Kick Away Calories workout from last year.  A great workout, I was sweating.  Definitely considered full body, but I felt like it focused a lot on shoulders, tush and abs...fine with me!!  The last exercise, the side plank jumps, was the perfect ending to that workout because I seriously exhausted my tank with that one!!

I couldn't wait to finish because my husband had brought me home Moe's SW Grill.  Y.U.M.!!  I got a burrito bowl, which is just a burrito minus the tortilla, with the following:
  • rice
  • shredded lettuce
  • grilled chicken chopped very very very small!
  • black beans
  • diced onions
  • small scoop of guac
  • small scoop of sour cream
  • small side of their chipotle ranch dressing (if I'm going all out, I'm going all out!)
Notice the empty dressing container! And I may have taken a bite before remembering to snap a pic!
What's in the bag you ask?  Well, no one leaves Moe's without a bag full of chips - and in my case a small side of queso!  I may just be snacking on them as I type....I better hurry before I eat the whole bag! ;)

I still struggle with what I'd call 'food guilt'.  A topic like this requires multiple, lengthy posts from me (and maybe I'll get to that one day)...but I'll just touch on it now, since I brought it up!

I know that I don't eat like this every day, but I feel....heavy...after eating a meal like this.  Not only physically but it weighs heavy on my head too.  I'm human.  It's not like I just ate a whole bag of oreos, I totally get that, but if I were to make something like this at home (which I actually did the other night! lol) I would be much more cautious about the ingredients, my portions and which condiments I'd use!  I'm eating chips - out of the bag - hello?!?! - somebody stop me! ;)

I guess there's still a little part of me that is scared that a heavy, hearty meal (AKA too much of a good thing - or should I say bad thing!) could all of a sudden steer me in the wrong direction, down a path of old, bad habits.  I forget that I'm a changed woman!  I'm strong and healthy and ACTIVE!  Ahhh, feels good to say all of that out loud to you guys.  I want to be as honest as I can with you on this blog.  But, the meal is done, it tasted darn good!, and tomorrow's a new day! :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more (including a Weekly Weigh in!)


  1. I love Moe's! I usually go for the vegetarian burrito :)

    1. I often go without meat there too! Extra cheese, please! :)
      Thanks for the comment!!