Thursday, October 31, 2013

WOD - October 30, 2013

Quick post because IT's HALLOWEEN!!  And this post should have been up yesterday - sorry!

Little guy & I did 2 miles at the park:

Mile 1: 15:05 walk
Mile 2: 10:29 jog

I wanted to work upper body - and conveniently Melissa had just uploaded a Slim & Sculpted Arms workout.  It was GREAT!

I used 15 lb dumbbells - and did 20 reps of each exercise!  - and it was challenging!  It was a nice change...not squats, no plyometrics....just solid strength training for the arms and shoulders!  For a great burn in less than 13 minutes.  Go check it out!

What was your WOD yesterday? 
Are mid-week workouts easy or hard for you to fit in/get motivated about?

I'm off to run some last minute Halloween costume errands and then it's Trick-or-Treat time with a bunch of our friends later.  I'm going to try to get in a workout today but we'll see!