Thursday, October 31, 2013

WOD - October 31, 2013 + Trick-or-Treat

I had like zero time for a workout today - I had planned to walk/jog this morning but it was raining :(

I pulled a #wycwyc and did 3 sets of 90 second planks.  Better than nothing, right?

I did have time to:

  • Bake cupcakes with my older son for our friends' Halloween party tonight - all of our friends went there for pizza and fun before trick-or-treating...
Hi TMNT Leonardo (our pumpkin!)

I wish I had a better picture of them...they were Funfetti Halloween and they were a huge hit - they looked and tasted delish!!
  • Go Trick-or-Treating!
That was my candy bucket!  I'm kidding....sort really, I'm kidding!
  • Chill on the couch with my computer, hubby and this HUGE bowl of candy waiting to get rid of it....and as of now we have only had 2 people come to the door!!  Where are these so-called Trick-or-Treaters??  I'm gonna have to go read my post from earlier today - look at all of this candy I'm going to have in my house!!!

I'm off to eat a few more Reese's and call it a night - I'm tired!!

How was your Halloween?
Did you get a lot of T-or-T'ers??

I'll be back tomorrow with more!