Saturday, November 23, 2013

8 Day of Healthy Tips before Thanksgiving...TIP #4

Hi guys!!  It's Saturday - WOO HOO - hope you're all having a great day!!  Since Thanksgiving is only a handful of days away, I'm sure some (most!) of you are taking advantage of this weekend time and starting on TIP #4....

This is a feast of a holiday - the mere mention of the word 'Thanksgiving' and my brain goes straight to thinking about turkey and cornbread and stuffing and cranberry sauce....and so on!

I think, for a lot of families, it's not only food that's made in the kitchen....memories are made there, too!  Cooking together, sharing recipes and the stories behind them, getting messy and pouring your love into the dishes that you're really makes them taste even better, I'm sure of it!

Now I'm not telling you to dive in and cook a 20 lb turkey!!  If you're up for the challenge though, go for it!

I'm just suggesting you make appetizer, a side, a dessert.  What's your go-to dish?  What are you great at making?  MAKE THAT!!

If you have the time, try something new a few days before Thursday and see how it goes!  If not, just make what you know.  There is so much else going these days it'll be way less stressful to make something already in your repertoire!!

Cooking is also very exciting because you're in control....of the ingredients!  You can make substitutions, swapping out high fat/calorie foods for great alternatives, or not!  You decide!

I think it's healthy for mind and body - so get in the kitchen with your loved ones and help prepare this awesome meal for your family and friends!

What are you making for Thanksgiving??
I'm planning to make a green bean casserole and something yummy for dessert!