Wednesday, November 20, 2013

8 Days of Healthy Tips before Thanksgiving...TIP #1

Thanksgiving is only a week away!!  WOW - that came fast, huh?  

The days leading up to Thanksgiving will be filled with family, friends, fun and food - and rightfully so!  It is a time to indulge and enjoy yourself, to stop THINKING so much, to give thanks for everything that you have, everything that you should be grateful for!

Which is why I decided to do A Tip a Day until the Big Day...  Each day I will reveal a new tip - and include some easy and feasible ways to incorporate this 'tip' into your Thanksgiving celebration.  These tips will not help you lose weight (necessarily!).  They aren't really meant for that....they are simply meant as a reminder to stay mentally and physically 'healthy' during this festive and food-y holiday!

So let's get this party started with....

TIP #1 - MOVE!

If you have the time and energy, continue on with your usual workout routine! Why not, right?  Go to the gym, head out for a run, take a spin class!  If you're pressed for time, check out my favorite online trainers that have 100s of full-length real-time workouts to choose from...Melissa Bender and Coach Kozak!

Sign up for your local "turkey trot" which is a fun and light-hearted 5k run/walk.  Or if there isn't one near you, sign up for a virtual one! (like Roni is hosting, check it out here!)

Walk at the park, walk to the park, walk after dinner with your family, walk while the kids ride their bikes, walk to check out the homes in your neighborhood that have put up their Christmas lights  (I'm excited to say that we have a few already!!), just take a feels good!

Dance with your kids, with your honey, by yourself!, in your living room, like no one's watching!

Do #wycwyc - can't ask for more than that! :)

Is anyone planning to run a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving?? I am!

Stay tuned for the next week while I slowly reveal the rest of my healthy tips!!