Sunday, November 24, 2013

8 Days of Healthy Tips Before Thanksgiving...TIP #5

This tip is sure to boost your mind, body and spirit!  Tip #5 is...

We often take for granted 'simple' things that we have - whether it be a loving family or a roof over our head or a hot meal.  Not because we are ungrateful, but because it's hard to imagine that there are many people that live without these things every day.....

Charity is a beautiful thing.  It should come from the heart and you should never feel pressure or uncomfortable about should give what you can, where you can, how you can.

Some ways to GIVE this holiday season (and all year 'round!):

  • Time - Volunteer at a soup kitchen or help to pack boxes to send over to our military or to send to the victims of the recent natural disasters.
  • Money - Don't have the time but have the ability to give money, do so!  The charities will use it where they need it most.  Even $5 is helpful and appreciated.  It's not the amount, it's the fact that you're donating...because every little bit helps!
  • Goods - Donate old clothes, toys or furniture.  Clean out your closets and play rooms - some charities will even come to your house to pick up your donations.
Find a charity that you believe in, that you want to help - since it's YOUR time and money that you are giving away!  You want to make sure that where you think your goods/services are helping and what they are actually going towards are the same thing!

How are you planning to give back?
Doesn't it feel good??