Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hi. My name is Sammy and I...{STILL don't like to disappoint my parents!} #TTT

#thoughtsthingsthursday already?  This week is flying!  

So, as I've discussed over and over, I'm 30!  ((I know, I get it!))  And even at my age - with a husband...and a house...and 2 kids - I STILL seek my parents approval.  

Sidebar: Sometimes I can't believe that all of these things are my responsibility! lol  What the heck do I know? ;)
Got it! :)
My parents love me and support me regardless, I know that!  But I like knowing that THEY think that I am making the right/appropriate decisions for me and my family!

Let's rewind for a minute though.  I was always a "good kid"!

As I remember it....I always tried to do the right thing; I got the good grades; I made my parents proud.  I LIKED making my parents proud; I never tried or wanted to make them angry or disappoint them.  I truly seeked their approval.

Before every decision, big or small, I talk to my parents.  Yes, even now!  It's just the way our family operates....and I love it!  I love their input and opinions, and most - if not all - of the time we're on the same page about everything.

Which brings me to my latest predicament.....I let the cat out of the bag last night about my blog - AHHHH!!  Up until last night this blog was my dirty, little secret!  (I am SO scandalous, right? lol)  Now my parents are in the know! :)

I wanted needed a few months to really get my feet wet.  I wanted to write for me...and I knew that once they knew about it they'd be reading it, of course!  And that was a little intimidating to me!  I also knew they'd be so proud and supportive (which they totally were!!), and they'd want to share this with the world!!  And like I always say, I'm not ready for everyone in my real life to know.

My mom is so excited she's already planning OUR trip to BlogHer '14 and FitBloggin' 14!! ;)  She's excited and proud and probably spent all night reading every post I've written thus far!  

Yes, my parents think it's great and wonderful and all those things - but they were disappointed that I didn't tell them from the start.  As expected!  

And I feel a weight lifted!  It was hard keeping this baby a secret!

{{HI MOM & DAD!!}}