Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WOD - November 12, 2013 & a NEW VITATOP flavor!

Hi Hi!!  Can you believe tomorrow is Wednesday already?  Today totally felt like a Monday - yesterday there was no school for my son and no work for my hubby - I was all kinds of confused!  We had a great family-filled fun day yesterday....the weather was magnificent (in the morning at least!)

It was my older one's first time flying a kite in a big open area and he thought it was the cat's meow!!!  It was very sweet to watch :)

After drop off at school this morning the little guy and I headed to do a 2-miler!  I did an HIIT - walk 0.2 miles, run 0.2 miles, REPEAT!

I was sweaty...and it was completed...so I consider it a great success! ;)

While the little guy was napping I finished my workout.  I did some negatives on the pull-up bar again....that bar is so little but it literally works every inch of my body - back and chest and shoulders and core and so on!!

Then I did 5 sets of 10 hanging knee-ins (bringing my knees into my chest) for a super core workout.

On to the most exciting news of the post.....Chocolate Chip VitaTops!!!

For YEARS, while placing my orders on Vitalicious.com I submitted "good old chocolate chip" as my recommendation for the next, new, fabulous flavor!  After {literally} 10 years, my prayers have been answered!!

I got an email from Vitalicious announcing the GREAT news!  I already placed my order for a dozen and I will definitely do a review once I receive them!

I am all about their chocolate options, but there is seriously a flavor for EVERYONE (including CranBran, Banana Nut, Golden Corn, Chocolate Mint and - most appropriate for the season - Pumpkin Spice!) over at Vitalicious!! Head over and check it out! I promise you will love them!

If you're looking for something a little MORE chocolate-y, let me recommend my favorite VitaTop flavor:

Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTop (12 Muffin Tops)*

Alrighty, I'm off to watch Revenge with the hubby!

Have you ever tried a VitaTop?  Or any of the Vitalicious products??  
Do you have a favorite flavor??

{Just a quick reminder that all links in this post are my affiliate links with Vitalicious!}