Sunday, November 17, 2013

WOD - November 16 & 17, 2013 and my new boots!

Another weekend is coming to a close, and we had a wonderful, family-filled good time!  And my workouts were totally part of that wonderful-ness! :)

November 16

I went to the gym Saturday morning to run.  And surprise, surprise....someone ran 3 miles!!  Can I get a "woot-woot" for breaking my 2 mile barrier?? :)

I actually finished the 3 miles in 29:45!!  It felt great!
I was full of energy after that!  Sweaty, but happy! I wasn't planning on doing anything else but I took my own advice:

I did 75 kettlebell swings (3 sets of 25) with a 22lb kb!  Those things are exhausting!

Then I was done :)

November 17

Sunday's workout was a fun one - We met friends & walked around our city's farmers market, then we left there and walked right into Dunkin' Donuts to have a snack and finally, I walked the mall with my mom to do some shopping - not a lot of calories burned but a darn good time was had! :)

In not so many words, Sunday was a rest day! 

I did score some gorgeous black Frye boots (and a new pair of skinny jeans)!!  This is my first non-workout-related clothing purchase that I've made in a long time!

What do you think?
Dear Weather, Please cool down so I can wear my new boots this season!! :)
Have you gotten any new clothes lately that you're excited about??
How were your weekend WODs?