Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WOD - November 5 & 6, 2013

It's been 2 WHOLE DAYS since I last blogged - I really haven't even been on the computer!  I really just needed a little break.  I know what you're thinking....2 days??  I was in a blogging funk...and I probably would have stayed away longer but I got an email today with VERY exciting news (that I'll share tomorrow!) - and it was just the pep that I needed in my step to get my juices flowing again!! 

I literally CANNOT remember what I did Monday as my WOD - I am trying so hard and nothing is coming up!  What is wrong with me????  It's as if because I knew I wasn't blogging about it it didn't mean anything lol  Oh well - moving on....

WOD - November 5

This time change is really taking its toll on me!  It's 6:30pm as I type this and it's pitch black outside!  By the same token, at 6:15 in the morning - when my older one gets up to {quickly} go to the bathroom - it's already light out!  And he notices!!  "Mommy....I don't want to go back to's not nighttime anymore....I'm not's light out"  Wonderful!

Well Tuesday am it was the same story.  I figured since I was up I'd call to see if the 6:45am Orange Theory class had any spaces available - fortunately and unfortunately it did! - so off I went!

Tuesdays at OT it's Tornado Tuesday.  I had never gone on a Tuesday before so it was all new to me - and it was AWESOME! and exhausting!!

1/3 of the class started on the treadmills, 1/3 on the rowing machines and 1/3 in the weight room.  I started on the treadmill - I always try to do that - so my warm up was a 7 minute jog....fine.  

Then it's a circuit that we repeated 9 times(!!):

1 minute on the treadmill running an all out (8.0-8.5mph for me)
45 seconds to transition over to the weight room
1 minute in the weight room {each set was a different exercise, for example - box jumps, burpees, push-ups on the bosu)
45 seconds to transition to the rowing machines
1 minute to row AT LEAST 225, preferably 250, meters
45 seconds to transition back to the treadmills!

It was very fast paced - but the transitions went very smoothly and the workout was exhausting and challenging and amazing!  I can't wait to go again :)

WOD - November 6

This morning I took the stroller and just did a walk - 1.5 miles in about 23 minutes.  It was a nice stretch for my legs!

My upper body is super sore from yesterday so I wanted to do a lower body strength workout.  I did an awesome new-ish Bender video, Butt & Thighs: Lower Body Shaping Home Workout.  About 15 or so minutes.  VERY leg intensive (as the title states lol).  Tons of squats.  My hamstrings were really feeling it....and the end of the workout reminded me how much I hate/can't do pistol squats!!

So I'll be back tomorrow with exciting news and a #thoughtsthingsthursday post!!
Happy almost Thursday people :)