Friday, November 8, 2013

WOD & WWI - November 7, 2013

{this post was written Thursday, posted Friday}

Howdy! ;)

Still smiling over my new #sweatpink Ambassador title!  Thanks for your kind words and support - you guys are awesome!!


I did my weigh in this morning.  No change; Status quo; Maintenance.  Even over the Halloween weekend - I was surprised and happy.....I did something right! :)


I did the first part of my workout this afternoon.  The newest Bender video - Full Body Workout: Strengthen, Sweat & Run.  Melissa set it up as a circuit:

cardio #1 --> strength #1 (5 exercises: lower body) --> 
cardio #2 --> strength #2 (5 exercises: core) -->
cardio #3 --> strength #3 (5 exercises: upper body) --> 
cardio #4.

During each cardio portion she ran a mile!  Wowsa!!  I didn't have the time/energy/ability to incorporate that so I just did the 3 strength portions - 20 reps for each exercise (like she does).

It was challenging!  And I was sweating at the end!  It was a great workout!!

It's so true!!!
Then tonight I popped over to the gym for a quick 2 miles (not that quick - 19:35).  
NOTE TO SELF: don't snack on your kids' fries before going to the gym to run ;)

What's your WOD?
When was the last time you stepped on the scale? (Remember: this is a 'no judgement' zone!)