Saturday, November 16, 2013

WWI & Things that I ALWAYS manage to forget!

Happy Saturday everyone!  It's a little rainy and dreary here today.  Pretend we're sitting down together with a mug of hot cocoa to chat!  That would make this day perfect-o! :)


Accountability.  Up 0.5 lbs.  That's all!

I REALLY like these tips!!  They seem obvious but I like seeing it all together like this!
Where's my brain?? (Sometimes I wonder if it's still in there! ;))

So, this post came to me in the shower while I was doing #4 on the list!  I consider myself an intelligent, rational person.....but there are actually things that, at initial thought, I just can't remember!  Embarrassingly enough, I'm sharing them with you today!  {We are old friends, aren't we?}
  1. My age!
    • I know this one seems crazy - and now that I'm 30 this is happening less because I really can't seem to forget it - but in my mid-20's it always took me a minute..."Am I 26 or 27?"  At first thought I honestly couldn't remember! lol
  2. My address / phone number
    • I rationalize this one because you never call yourself, right?  I don't really know anyone's phone number by heart - besides my immediate family that I talk to 100x/day and have had the same numbers forever.  New age = new technology.   Note to self: DON'T LOSE YOUR CELL PHONE!   
  3. What I go to the grocery store for in the first place!
    • This is the MAIN reason that I make a grocery list.  I get so side-tracked when I walk in that I sometimes forget what I am actually there for!  We go through milk very fast since both of my boys love it so I'm always running in for milk - and I leave with a cart-full of other things I didn't know I needed - and no milk! ;)
  4. To shave my legs
    • It's not that I FORGET to shave them, per say.  It's that my shower is usually as fast as possible so I rush through it...and don't have the time or patience to shave my legs.  It's just not at the top of my to-do list.....I'm not alone here, right??
  5. The day / date
    • I chalk this one up to the fact that I'm not a student and I don't work in an office, but most of the time I have no idea what the date is!  The day is a little easier to remember....Mommy & Me is on one day, the other Mommy & Me is on another...but I always have to check my calendar for the date.   
I guess we can never forget when it's Wednesday now! ;)
Anywho, please join in on my party and let me know....what is something that you ALWAYS manage to forget?? 
Hope you're all having a great weekend!