Friday, November 1, 2013

WWI & WOD - November 1, 2013

OMG it's November!!!!!  This year literally flew by in the blink of an's totally insane!   Next holiday to get excited about:

But for now, on to business...


I did my weigh in this week yesterday morning - I'm no fool...I knew that I was going to have an out-of-the-ordinary, calorie-laden, chocolate-filled day yesterday so I was not about to weigh in this morning...nope...not gonna happen!  I know...the number on the scale is just that....a number...but still.  I would've rather just skipped this week....which I actually almost did, but instead I hopped on the scale yesterday.  Down 1.5 lbs!  It was a great start to Halloween :)


I had a really great, late morning jog with the little guy + stroller....I'm REALLY enjoying these run/walks!  I do about 90 seconds run/30 seconds walk - give or take - and it keeps it interesting for me.  And mentally (and physically probably!) I'm not ready to do a whole run pushing the's heavy!

So today I did - you guess it - 2 miles! Average pace of 5.7mph - awesome!

Then I did 30 burpees (with push-up) just because.

So I probably burned off 1/20 of the candy I ate last night ;)

What was your WOD?
Did you eat your weight in candy yesterday?? :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!