Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Few New Things: A KIND Review & I bought protein powder!

Happy Hump Day! {{no camel references, I swear!}}

As I talked about yesterday, even though I had done a 2 mile run in the morning, I had also planned to do a Bender workout in the later afternoon.  I had the energy so why not?!  And when I say I'm going to do something I do it...well not always, but in this case I did! ;)

I did the 15 Minute Home Workout Ab, Arms, Booty Blast - it was a blast from the past (April of 2012) - and it was awesome!!!  There were a few exercises that I had never done and I always love trying new moves!  It was challenging (I was sweating!!) and fun and only 15 minutes! :)  And as of this morning my booty is definitely feeling it!

In other news...I FINALLY tried KIND bars!!! [I know, I've been living under a rock apparently!]

A couple of weeks ago I WON a giveaway on Kelsey's blog, The Primal Yogi!!  I was so excited!!!  Check out what came in the mail...

I felt like a kid on Christmas - so many yummy options!!!  The arrows point to my FAAAAVORITE (What?  I'm subtle! LOL) - peanut butter dark, yes please! :)  My husband enjoyed a few as well!  To my pleasant surprise, they were all really good!  You could really taste the flavors; they really delivered in taste and texture.  Now I see what I've been missing!

Thank you so much Kelsey for opening my eyes to this wonderful, healthy new snack :)

Along the lines of 'trying new things', I finally bought protein powder!!  

And yesterday I made my first shake....

This shake was pretty darn good!  Especially for my first experience!  I picked this protein powder randomly and I think it's a winner!  2 scoops is only 100 calories and 15g of protein - which I think are pretty good I right?  And while we're on the much protein SHOULD I have in my shakes?   I eat a balanced diet, and I'm (obviously!) not a heavy weight bodybuilder, so I'm just not sure!

The Blender Bottle (that I picked it up at Walmart) really worked to mix all of the ingredients without having to use the actual blender.  It has a super cool stainless steel mixing ball inside and apparently, it's the bomb!  When I want to blend ice and/or frozen fruit (or fruit in general!) I'll have to bring out the actual blender, but this recipe just required a vigorous shake and it was all good!

I'm excited to really get in the kitchen and try new recipes to discover what shakes I LOVE!  And of course I'll be sure to share them with you!!!

What's your favorite KIND bar?
What's the yummiest protein shake recipe that you make?  Please share with this newbie!!