Friday, December 6, 2013

A quick 'anywhere' workout & my Turkey Trot recap!

Happy Friday!!!! Another week came and went - so fast!  It went fast for you guys too, right?  This weekend we don't have too much craziness going on so it should be fun!  Today I wanted to fill you in on last night's dinner and WOD...and then finally do a quick Turkey Trot recap!

I decided to make tacos for dinner.  Who doesn't love tacos?

The hubby had tacos (hard and soft shell) and I made the kids cheese quesadillas...but I was craving a taco salad - and it was really delicious!  Simple but so much flavor!  :)

My workout was quick but great - I think it only took me about 10 minutes.  I named it the 'anywhere' workout because all you need is yourself and a small equipment you can literally do it anywhere!!

The bonus wall sits really had my legs burning!!  I am hoping to get got in a run this morning! :)

So, on to the Turkey Trot!  It's a small (about 1500 people) local 5k that takes place every year.  It's a quick, early, fun run.  One big loop!  It was a little cooler out than I was expecting, but I was dressed appropriately so I was good.

My husband, sister and I got to the race at about 7:10 for a 7:30 start time.  It's organized but very chill.  We said hi to some friends that we planned to meet up with, warmed up a bit and then it was time to start.  I felt great the entire run!  I took some water at each mile marker and Pandora was playing some really great music so I was on a role!

My sister and I ran together for about the first 2 miles or so, then she had so slow down for a bit.  She told me to keep going, so I did!  I felt like I was leaving her behind but let's face it, we weren't at war...she was totally fine - and ended up finishing only a couple of minutes after me which was awesome!

My PR!! Woooo hooooo! :)

Check out this hystical picture of me finishing the race from the official race photos!

I think that there is a local 5-mile race in the early Spring that I might sign up for, but we'll see.

Happy (almost) weekend everybody! :)

Do you like actual tacos or would you rather eat it as a salad?
Do your official race photos usually look good or like mine (totally ridiculous!)??